purple bathrooms

Purple is not a sole color associated with the bathrooms. Actually, it's not a color that traditionally has been used extensively in interior design or decoration. It used to limit children's rooms for girls, and not excessively.


But gradually the trends have changed, and the houses have been filled with color, to be far more common to find purple modern bathrooms They are surprising everyone for their elegance.

Decorating catalogs and specialized magazines or websites collect many different designs that they are far from the traditional decor. Thanks to that, the choices in stores have been growing too slowly to collect a wide range of possibilities.


We see what those options and what types of furniture for bathrooms purple or purple tiles for bathrooms you can find to redecorate this room.

purple modern bathrooms

Purple modern bathrooms are two very different aesthetic, although both rotate around a same color. On one hand, there are those who prefer to use a dark tonality and very saturated, and combined with straight lines and smooth finishes.

On the other hand, there are those who use a tonor more clarito, lilac or Violet, and combine it with more complex furniture.


The combination of dark colors and finishes simple straight lines is due to visually weight that the purple. By alone is the absolute protagonist of the bathroom, and if you mix it with many complex ornaments and furniture will make it visually very heavy. If the color is striking, furniture and other items do not have to be.

If the color is softer it is easier to combine with all kinds of materials and finishes. Yes, it is recommended that other color used is white. Sowill bring light to stay.

Purple bathroom furniture

When thinking about choosing furniture for bathrooms purples must take into account the tone of purple to be used and where it is to be located. Is walls and floor? Then our recommendation is to run from reusing furniture.


The best option, as already mentioned, passes combine it with white. And as you know, options white furniture They are many.

For us, the image option is the best. Combine purple walls with few purple bathroom furniture in white. This makes for a visual balance, with a sophisticated and elegant style.

However, some people opt to choose furniture for bathrooms purple black color. If not abused this style may look good, but always with measurement and without abusing contrasts, as purple tends to be visually heavy, like the black.

fig bath-

As you see in the example, They use a black cabinet and balance leaving more than half of the bathroom look white. Try this trio between purple, white and black is always dominated by white, purple being the most widely used second color and the discrete black.

Purple tiles for bathrooms

Believe it or not there are many purple tiles for bathrooms in all kinds of colors and with varying saturation. In addition, being a bold color, you can find the designs are too. tile-lila

These types of models can be beautiful if only used on a wall, or even a part of the wall. They may be for the shower, or for the dashboard Basin, combined with simpler models in light colors.

If you are looking for tiles more discrete purple bathrooms, You can also find examples like those used in previous pictures. much simpler models also color fill your bathroom.

Combining with purple sanitary bathrooms

As with the other elements, we prefer to choose health that combine with purple bathrooms in white. If he color is dark, are the simpler forms of healthcare better the final set. This does not mean they should be straight lines, rounded there are very simple to fit perfectly.


The key is to use items that do not recharge stay longer than necessary. Letting go unnoticed is the main element purple.

Purple cabinets for bathrooms

Finally, when looking purple bathroom cabinets, we will offer two very different trends.

The first one, which reinforces what we have discussed throughout the article, is to use simple purple bath cabinets and light colors. The second, much more daring, combines boxes white cabinets with doors in purple. It is a very nice choice of closets to bathrooms purples be easy to find in any store.

curve lines

Remember that the key to wear purple modern bathrooms passing define the style depending on the shade of purple you want to use, find the balance throughout the room, and let the target is present in a higher percentage than other colors. Visually weight purple will appear to share the spotlight 50%.

In any case, it is easier to combine only a wall with certain elements in purple as the closet doors for bathrooms purple or a decorative element. If you choose to fill the room this color, the room will seem much smaller than it is, even with good lighting.


On the other hand, although it is increasingly common to find modern purple bathroom in catalogs, magazines, websites and blogs they are not the first choice when decorating this stay, and may in certain stores costing you find what you are looking for.


If you want a bold bathroom, be patient in searching and combining different elements and materials to achieve the ideal balance in your bathroom.

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