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In this entry we tell you how Espaciohogar.com make shelves with wooden boards. If you like DIY, create your own shelf practical and pretty, simple, hanging plants on the terrace, or organize your cosmetics. With little money you will have a shelf for the bathroom, bedroom or anywhere you need. The the shelf will do with wooden boards, but you can very easily customize and add an original touch, as it adapts to the space you have.


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  1. Original mantelpiece
  2. What you need to make wooden shelves
  3. Making the wooden ledge
  4. Video of like putting a wooden shelf

Original mantelpiece


  • Certainly it surprises you because it has a youthful design with rustic. The good news is that it is easy to do, inexpensive and it is fantastic. If you like DIY sure you are already happening and different finishes also sure you will be already thinking about how we can do so that we remain tables in the same manner as in the pictures that we showed.

  • When using wooden boards have much to choose from. You can paint your tables or choose them in any color you like and ask to get the cut to measure. Do not leave anything expensive.

  • The shelf can do the thinking combined with decoration bathroom, kitchen or where you are placing.

  • In Children's Room Boat type or surfing, This ledge with ropes combines great. Add another sailor object as a rudder or a box with flags sailors knots and have a nautical decor.

What you need to make wooden shelves:


  • Wooden boards cut to the same extent They are what you need to make any type of shelf or ledge. Eln the type of woods, you beech, pine, oak. As well You can use plywood different finishes that you can put a sticker canteado.

  • Natural fiber rope, sisal, hemp a medium or wide thickness. The wider the thickness rustic finish.

  • Wooden sticks that make stop and delimit lejas as you see in the picture.

  • Drill with a suitable bit for the size of the rope.

  • A hanger or hanger decorative that put anchored to the wall and from which hangs the shelf. If the shelf is larger or heavier you can use more robust to large mirrors or paintings anchors.

Making the wooden ledge:


  • Determines the height what do you want. Put the decorative hanger on the wall.

  • Measures and points out two holes at each end of the boards. Four table. Using the drill and the drill makes holes.

  • Then Cut four pieces of string the right size to the shelf. Be guided measures the wall or photograph with four equal short ends of rope.

  • From the bottom, you're passing a string through each pinholeor until you reach the first leja. Tie a knot at the bottom, as you see in the picture.

  • When you have passed all four strings at the top of the four remaining ends, make another knot that you will use to hang the hanger on the wall.

  • With wood chips such as pencils, nail inside the rope below each shelf to make the stop. As you can see in the picture.

!You already have your list rustic wooden ledge!

Video of like putting a wooden shelf:

Photogallery of different models of wooden shelves:

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