The best centerpieces with balloons

After have shown you some of the best ideas of floral centerpieces, I want to talk now of another element that can give us much &# 8220; game&8221; when creating our own centerpiece. I am referring to balloons and although usually associated with everything other children's parties, can also be a good choice for a nice decorative centerpiece. If you want to see some of the best ideas in this regard, we show below Espaciohogar as they are and as centerpieces with balloons are made.


The best Centerpieces here

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Centerpieces with balloons


  • As I mentioned at the entrance of this post, the balloon centerpieces are often where are children's parties, but the fact is that in recent years we have seen as well They can be made for other types of celebrations.
  • If you have for example, a romantic date or a special birthday, you can opt to choose a centerpiece balloon like you see in the image above. A nice center lies in its simplicity because it is made from three balloons tied to a rope and those who also have added to them a beautiful paper butterflies.


  • Another option for centerpieces with balloons is they do not seem to really balloons or indeed turn them into a decorative element that is much more striking.
  • In the photo above Temos they have decided cover balloons have engaged in each center, with a little fabric  and they have then added some strips hanging so that have made the centerpiece look more elegant and appropriate for a party other than child.


  • We also have ideas very original for centerpieces with balloons as we see in this image.
  • What they have done has been to place a centerpiece with flowers to which they have added a pink balloon and so it is with much style and charm, they have added a network so that pretends to be a hot air balloon. A great idea that you can be great for all kinds of celebrations.

Make a centerpiece with balloons


  • Now that you've seen some of the best centerpieces with balloons, I propose making one that is original and also can do with little money.
  • To prepare this centerpiece you'll need balloons we can stretch and manipulate them so that harmos some pretty flowers.
  • you just take six white balloons inflated to stretch and then join them all. To do this you can help a small rubber or attempt to paste them. With this you will have the basis of a flower, so for the rest think again must unite six balloons for each flower you want to have.
  • then inflas a small balloon to serve you as flower center and finallyNades green balloons to give more color and appear to be branches.

Video of how to make a centerpiece with balloons

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