Tips for Choosing Frames

In previous posts we have seen different ideas of how to decorate with frames and how frames. One option is ideal in every corner of the house even before we have to know how to choose. Espaciohogar we give now some consjeos to choose pictures and frames.

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Tips for choosing frames:

  • The frames They seem to have become fashionable in recent years, and what issues relates to decorative. There are many people who choose to decorate their walls with frames, and even in some homes may find hast frames that do not include pictures, but can contain pictures or indeed other as modern, as we see in the picture above options, which have chosen to place within a frame and place items such as notes, papers, photos, etc.&# 8230;
  • The key to choosing the appropriate framework, will be whether we will accompany her in a box and if so we will have to know that depending on the type of picture one may be perfect very classic modern frame or one or the opposite.
  • Frames should be matched to pictures. If we choose the styles classical, They may combine with decorations rustic and of course, the &8220;vintage&8221; they are also fashionable. If we choose frames modern, in new or perhaps brightly colored decoration materials in line will be the minimalist or follow the trends.
  • We can not say instead there a type appropriate or unique within each decorative style While personal taste is what in the end we opted for choosing one or the other, although we can say that in this type of election is better to use common sense as much you like the elaborate frames and an air very classic, you will not sleep at all in a room with modern furniture and vice versa.
  • Further, If you choose to choose a frame and do not want to put anything inside, better know that for example those that are bright colors (Like those pictured above) I shall be much better, especially if you choose the hang on a wall that is of a color blancor, or a pastel shade and certainly are now trend.
  • Other they are great with nothing inside, frames will be those that have an effect aged and we can get a little gold paint (for example) and that we ourselves can do at home.
  • In fact we can cOger frameworks that have long been the paint as we like and We create a collage from colors we have chosen to allow us to decorate such as a hallway or even the wall of a room.

Tips for choosing the pictures:

  • For the election of the pictures we can say something similar to what I have mentioned with respect to the frames.
  • The diversity of styles of painting, drawings, paintings, etc.&# 8230; lets you choose a picture for each room of the house.
  • For example for dinning room or a living room we can choose pictures that represent scenes that we like, and even some Lithography that is the representation or imitation of a painting or famous painter.
  • For the bedrooms we can choose landscapes, which are usually relaxing. On the other hand we can choose pictures of characters, artists, actors, etc&# 8230; always something we like and what we feel identified (tables are ideal for bedrooms of teenagers).
  • For other rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom is not necessary to place pictures, but some people choose to place boxes food still lifes or in the case of the kitchen, and elements marine or water in the case of bathroom.
  • Apart from the choice of picture depending on what they have painted, we can also choose as such a Photography we like it or a series of photos that are familiar and to place a framework that can hang on the living room walls for example.
  • Another decorative option for choosing frames, will choose those with the same drawing or painting but in different shades, something similar to what we see in the picture above, and will allow us to create a &# 8220; pictorial game&8221; very nice that we can choose for both dining room walls, or living room, and bedroom.

Other factors to consider in choosing Frames:

  • Finally I would like to mention factors such as space, the walls and the layout of frames Y picture About this.
  • It is important to know what will be that we decorate wall with a frame with a picture or both. If for example we have very large wall and place a frame or a single frame, Perhaps this goes unnoticed, even if we choose a big size which will surely be focused all the attention.
  • On the other hand small walls is better than not saturate with too many decorative elements either boxes or frames. Better to opt for one that is medium to place three or four small, because then the space will be much smaller.
  • You also have to appreciate the fact that combining styles of frames or pictures, you can be or very well or otherwise create a glut of space that will not be well in sight.
  • Yes do not know how to combine styles of frames, it is better to opt for the simplest and why choose pictures or frames that are very modern and the same design or style,or choose those that are more classic.

Video of how to make pictures with style:

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