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Footrest footstool furniture, 3000 BC and had footstools or footrests in Egypt. A practical piece of furniture that recovers prominence. In you more of the footrests or ottomans, design and comfort.

The footrest, footstool or pouffe

  • His formerly he was called footstools, then footrests, Today this type of furniture They are called also stools or poufs and they are one of the most popular and used in furniture decoration. In ancient Egypt they were designed in wood with legs ending in claw-shaped animal like a lion. Aesthetics was varied throughout history.
  • The footstools they were upholstering and filling of foam to be more comfortable. He had low size only to support the feet when I was writing or playing the piano, and four legs that served as a seat, stool or ottoman.
  • Footrests are also used with armchairs  to support the feet in a horizontal position allowing the person to comfort.

Leather armchair with footrest, footstool set

  • An elegant set ideal for any corner. The upholstery is made in brown, dark brown, red and cream. A high-quality leather very resistant to use a chair that will last many years impeccable.

Upholstered armchair with footstool faux cowhide.

  • A armchair that will draw attention where you put it. The design is classic armchair upholstered however gives a glamorous look and very current. Draperies that mimic animal skins remain trend in decoration, zebra trend, drawings snake or leopard.

Armchair and footstool in lime green design

  • A armchair design oval inspiration 60s Ideal for a minimalist, modern decor. The chair by the footrests are not only provide convenience to the user but the footrest height can be used as a pouf or stool.
  • In youth bedroom combine these types of chairs well, its shape and color.

Armchair and footstool in black and orange

  • The tendency minimalist He likes to use two colors on a background of a single color. Funds in black, gray or white where more highlights any combination of colors. simplicity seeks the absence of ornaments, the furniture design and color are the stars.
  • The couch It is a modern version of the classic wing chair is on the outside and white inside in blood orange. Both legs of the chair and footrest are aluminum.

Footrests low size design

  • An original and beautiful  footrest-upholstery turtle Chesterfield style. A piece of design that stands out for the original, legs and head turtle are also worked leather.

  • footstool footrest chrome yellow and also with tufted fabric type. Beside a footrest classic style. Done in dark wood upholstered in a floral print beige background and flowers in burgundy and blue.

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