How to decoupage: ideas for decorating

The technique is decoupage one of the most commonly used in decoration and design, because it is very easy to make and not an economic deployment needed to achieve the necessary materials. But, you know what it is?

The decoupage is a technique of decoration It is to cover the chosen objects with paper or cloth, preferably paper, to decorate. This addition should look like part of the object, so it is necessary to use fine papers as possible. To be stuck white glue and varnish will be used. Then we will see step by step how to decoupage.

Although a priori can not seem so useful, actually It serves to decorate all kinds of objects. It is used both in furniture and decorative items. The most common is that the technique of decoupage is applied on wood, but it can be used on all types of materials.  decoupage-on-wood-furniture-4

You've probably seen objects decorated with this technique on more than one occasion and you have not noticed. If you got a good finish, which not notice that the decor has been added post, It may appear to be painted or laminated. do-decoupage-boxes

How to decoupage

When thinking about how to decoupage you can use Two different techniques, They apply equally although they are different in terms of the final result:

  • You can cover the entire piece. Using a decorative paper type you want, overlay the entire object with the same sheet, giving a new look completely.
  • Choose only certain elements. You can trim elements of sheets of paper that you have chosen and paste them into the object to decorate. This way you get unique and original designs, and can combine elements of different roles.


To achieve a finish even more surprising first paint the object to change its color. In this case you should wait for the paint Amtes start working how to decoupage dry. Depending on the material of the object maybe you need Two coats of paint.


In the case of glass objects, porcelain or the like decoupage must apply for the outside, So you allow inside urilizarse can follow. Yes, the texture and feel will change, They cease to be completely smooth, to be a little rougher than before. With a good varnish expecialmente the difference will not be noticeable.

How to decoupage step

The first thing you should think about when looking for the solution to how to decoupage step It is what materials you need. These are easy to find:

  • The object to be decorated.
  • Brushes of different types. Roll even if we talk about decorating furniture.
  • Painting, if you go to change the color of the object.
  • Varnish topcoats.
  • Decoupage paper.
  • Something that stretch well the role (for example, a plastic card).


Regarding the role for decoupage, one of the most widely used is the paper napkins. Using a single layer is very thin, and handled well. The final result is virtually nil that has been added to the decorated object, thus achieving high integration.  How-Do-decoupage-step-by-step-4-steps

Once you have all materials prepared see how to decoupage step by step:

  • If you are not going to use whole sheets of paper, but elements, and let these cuts prepared before anything.
  • Clean the object to be decorated, and líjalo if necessary.
  • Cover with white glue, or other glue diluted in water that can be extended with a brush. It is important that there are no lumps.
  • Place the paper on top of the object and stretch it well. Be careful and avoid bending or breaking.
  • Let it dry.
  • Then apply as many coats of varnish as necessary to a good finish.

Decoupage: ideas for decorating

This technique can be used in decorative all kinds of objects, for example, in pots. We love how they look with the role of the image below. Moreover, it is a good idea to follow a same subject when several objects decorated will be together. It gives you a very nice feeling whole.


And of course, one of the most popular ideas on the Internet when thinking about how to decoupage, is to games decorate coffee or tea. It is a very original way to give a second life to this ancient porcelain is no longer fashionable. The finish is fantastic and you have a set that nobody else has.

In this case seeks to find suitable materials as lacquer and glue. And always do it with a sheet of paper napkin or paper is too thick for this type of craft. How-Do-decoupage-cup

Do not you love the idea? It seems to us the most original.

Decoupage wood

In addition to coffee and tea sets, it is also very original do decoupage wood. a new decoration for furniture is achieved, looking like they are newly purchased. With antique furniture not know how to use it can be the best solution.


In the above example They mixed the paint decoupage technique. Drawers and top are covered with paper and the rest remained in a neutral color. A lovely furniture!


It can also be used to youth and children's furniture. For example, repeating the same element in different colors. Even an old or boring furniture It may seem much more original applying the technique of découpage.

You see this type of decoration It can be used with all kinds of objects, fantádtico providing them with a new look and no one else will. It just requires a little imagination and patience so that the paper is properly stretched. We recommend you start with something small, and once you have caught the technique you can decorate anything you want. The limit is your imagination!

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