Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016

If you want to furnish your new home or are thinking of doing renovations on the floor you have many options at your fingertips. One is to take a look at furniture catalog Carrefour 2016, sure to find the ideal furniture for your home.

We are premiering Carrefour offers catalog of each month, click to visit him. We will update with each new catalog.

Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016


Carrefour is a company which although is distinguished by its section dedicated to food, the fact is that they have everything such as clothing, appliances or as we will now see, the furniture presented each season through a catalog.

Espaciohogar we present below the 2016 furniture catalog Carrefour, which already has many deals with which to save money and decorate our house full.

In fact, we can say that the furniture catalog Carrefour is perhaps one of the most complete catalogs in what refers to prices that are truly competitive in this market because if anything distinguishes this company is because it was the first to launch their own brands so they can offer them at much lower prices. Besides, I will speak of furniture that can be found and among them some specific such as garden furniture which they are essential If you want to &8220; dress&8221; the last terrace or garden of your house in the summer of 2016.


What can we find in the furniture catalog Carrefour 2016


Here we show all the furniture catalog Carrefour 2016 and focus on each and every one of the outstanding furniture that will serve to decorate the whole house.

Spaces like bathroom, garden and bedrooms They are also protagonists in this new furniture catalog Carrefour which also highlight the offers made in mattresses.

Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016 | Bathroom furniture


The bathroom furniture is not to be varied in the catalog of Carrefour, but we will find everything you need to have a sink that has everything while in their stores can find accessories and items such as faucets, mirrors, etc.&# 8230; that are so necessary. We may also mention that we also find towels and shower curtains that can not fail in our bathroom. Among the featured models, of melamine and colors like black.

Remember that the bathroom can also be a room in the house that is aesthetically beautiful and pleasant, we should not focus our efforts on decoration only lounge or bedroom, but the bathroom furniture can also be beautiful and functional. It is also important to choose the right furniture that allow us to have drawers and enough space to store our hygiene items and personal care products, soaps and shampoos, towels, and all those things we usually keep in the bathroom.

Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016 | Dining room furniture, kitchen furniture


He dinning room It is one of the rooms where we spend more time, and that's where we usually eat dinner, watch TV, etc. The dining room is one of the rooms of the house that is more in view of guests and therefore must reflect perfectly the style you want to give your home.

Usually in every furniture catalog Carrefour usually encounter everything for the dining room. But if anything stands out above sofas or dining furniture to place eg TV and books, we highlight the wide selection that have tables and chairs. catalog-of-furniture-carrefour-2014-furniture-for-kitchen

Also in Carrefour you also have furniture that lead us to also know the deals with which count for the month of March for kitchen furniture as chairs, stools, kitchen tables, etc.&# 8230; catalog-carrefour-2015-mesa-de-cuisine The tables Kitchen are essential in decorating today's kitchens. In the catalog of Carrefour are all kinds of tables for this space but predominantly those that are lacadas and in shades like red.

Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016 |  Living room furniture

The Room Decorations It is also essential because it is the home stay where we spend most of our leisure time. It is in the family room where we enjoyed a nice dinner, where we see the movies where family or receive visits from family and friends. Really you want them all to see that your living room is tastefully decorated and is elegant at the same time functional.

catalog-of-furniture-carrefour-2014-furniture-de-salon In the new catalog of Carrefour for the summer of 2016, we will find furniture for our living room look to the last. Currently it is trends sofas have two or three seats but accompanied by couches or chairs standingl. Actually it takes leather for furniture in our living room lamps and skin. Many also carry sofa bed which can save space. Carrefour feature in models like you see above, modern and perfect to take naps or sleeping through the night. catalog-carrefour-2015-lounge-chair Much also carry, and are present in this catalog, the armchairs we can put together any sofa, any style with leather upholstery which is also the latest trend. You can also choose other materials, and also choose other colors, with upholstered sofas even choose a little more original, that depends on your tastes.

catalog-carrefour-2015-salon-out sofa bed

And as I have mentioned sofa beds, nothing better than to show you a specific model like this model sofía blanco which it is perfect for any type of room and we can buy both white and black. Perfect for when you have home visits that stretch a little longer than expected and you have more free beds.


In this other image we see a much more modern than the previous model yet. A nice sofa bed in black color, and performed in leatherette having an overture from the book type, so we can deploy it when necessary, or have guests to sleep at home. Once through the night, easily and keep ready.

Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016 | Furniture for entry


Although fewer models, do not want to skip furniture which are also found entry in the new furniture catalog Carrefour. Thus, we can find sideboards like this, a small size and that you can look good at the entrance of the house.

It has a truly affordable price, around 130 euros, and is perfect to have a cabinet that will help us to keep things they arrive home (such as keys) or mail, and you do not make house entrance as &8220; Cold&8221; as usual.

Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016 | Bedroom furniture


We go now to the bedroom furniture. When choosing them, you should keep in mind that the main thing is that the bedroom is comfortable and functional as it is where you spend your off hours. It is important to choose the right bed and mattress to maximize rest. In the case of the bedrooms for children, we must know how to combine functionality and comfort with fun and space for games and toys and for which Carrefour devotes a special section full of furniture with very innovative designs.

catalog-of-furniture-carrefour-2014-furniture-de-bedroom Beds, cupboards, and everything you need to furnish our bedroom (with linens and curtains for example) are also present in the catalog of Carrefour for this 2016 and we can also say that every season either winter or summer offer discounted incredible. We can add also the deals on mattresses at half price as we have shown above.


As for closets, they stand out especially those models which are of, but very functional modern style. Carrefour presents cabinets like this you see above that made of melamine has sliding doors, so they do not occupy much space and also allow you to have a modern bedroom and cabinets that are combined with many styles, such as the minimalist.

catalog-carrefour-2015-bed bedroom

They also highlight the youth bedroom furniture, and bets that are trend as the bunks to share at a price that even reaches 150 euros.

catalog-of-furniture-carrefour-2016-furniture-bedroom-out sofa bed

Trundle beds like this, with a simple design that little space and you get to have two beds at the time when you need it. The extra bed is hidden down and can easily remove it because the furniture has small wheels underneath that facilitate sliding.


And if you want your children to have a really modern room, nothing like betting on a bunk bed on the other hand they are trend these days. What is proposed Carrefour is about as simple as this piece of furniture, with a bunk bed at the top while the bottom has the possibility of placing a futon so that we will be like having a small sofa.

Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016 | Kitchen appliances


In addition to the furniture you have shown, it should also be noted that the catalog Carrefour 2016 also has a special section for kitchen appliances. A sale price plus everything you need to equip your kitchen with the latest hoods, ovens, ceramic hobs, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, washing machines etc&# 8230;


Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016 | Household appliances

catalog-of-furniture-carrefour-appliances-for-home-TVOf course, in Carrefour you can also find all kinds of gadgets for your home, from kitchen appliances to all kinds of devices for the living room. Especially flat screen televisions which they have a very low price and also can be completed with other items like Blu-Ray.

Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016 | Garden furniture


One of the points &# 8220; strong&8221; Carrefour for summer 2016 are the furniture as I have already mentioned at the beginning. In fact the firm brings out each year, a special catalog for garden and terrace which we find tables, chairs, benches, awnings, umbrellas, planters&# 8230; everything for our garden or terrace look to the last.

Thus, months before it reaches the good weather we have about our terrace or garden and as you see in the photos, with the tightest market prices.


Also they deserve special attention tables and chairs for the garden. You have them in materials such as aluminum or wood, but also plastic. Thus we can find models with all kinds of prices, some of them also ideal to withstand cold or humid conditions.

In addition and although not listed in the catalog, we do not forget to mention the tools that will allow you to get the garden ready for summer 2016, as well as small auxiliary furniture and cabinets for storage.


These are just some of the furniture we find in the catalog Carrefour also in many of the models sold they are available upon funding and allow us to pay in installments. In addition all those furniture Carrefour We take them home if we so because they have own transportation that will save us just take care to select and purchase us which we like.

Photogallery Furniture Catalog Carrefour 2016:

In this photogallery you can see many more images of furniture catalog Carrefour 2016 with which you can furnish the entire house throughout this year.