Dining kitchens. + 40 open kitchen to the living room

How is your kitchen? If your kitchen is open to living and dining you find yourself in the right place because we will teach to take advantage of small spaces, decorating the great, the best designs and the keys to get a perfect kitchen. Join us and discover the best dining kitchen with more than 40 open kitchen to living room.


Kitchen Dining Room

How can we get a perfect dining kitchen? The answer is simple, getting it practical and functional. We will show you how to achieve the best design dining kitchens.

kitchens room

The open kitchen to living room It is a trend that is becoming stronger, ie having in the same room the living room and kitchen is very common. Ideally, the design of both areas are equal so we must consider how to furnish separating the two spaces but that one is the kitchen and a dining room.

elongated kitchen-dining-

To have good furniture that favor the functionality of the spaces there are several keys to follow, which will tell throughout the article.


A modern way to separate the two areas but amplitude and also be beautiful and elegant, with a wall of Crista like the image below.


While we leave a few pictures of dining kitchen so that you are taking some idea of ​​how decoraréis yours.

Small Dining Room Kitchen

When you live in medium / small houses as normal it is that you have small dining kitchens so the following ideas to maximize space and make it a practical, nice and cozy place I will come in handy.

kitchens room-small

The first thing to be clear is that we want save space and for that the size and shape of the table is very important. Therefore a good idea can be a round table.

small kitchen-dining-table-round

When we have a well decorated kitchen conveys elegance, so good lamps in the kitchen, you can put hanging lamps, ceiling lights and lamps in the dining room wall.


As for the color, If the kitchen walls are white we recommend that it be table and chairs also will have an effect luminosity and amplitude.


So you can see more examples of small dining kitchens we show this gallery.

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Kitchen Dining Room Decor

The decoration plays a fundamental role in a dining room. To furnish and decorate a kitchen open to living there is to know certain details and ideas to get a good decorating a dining room.


When we have several open spaces must think that no two rooms are separated by what needs to be decorate it as if it were a single space, must integrate the two spaces.

kitchen-dining room-decoration-colors

He color of the walls it is also important to bear in mind, it is best to be like, not much contrast between the two. But I do not recommend in the same color, give a little play with soft and creamy colors.

kitchen-dining room-decoration-views

In this photo gallery you have all examples of decoration dining kitchens to make your perfect, beautiful and functional.

Dining Kitchen designs

As for the design kitchens open to living room There are different, each with a unique beauty. Let's show you some of those designs that you think what is most conducive to your dining room.


A kitchen where there are no walls, but rather spread a sidebar It's a great idea to separate the two areas, kitchen and lounge. I am sure you are interested to know more about the kitchens with bar.

kitchen-dining-bar-side design-

Another idea is to make it open but separated only with an island as we see in the picture below, one marble island giving very widely.

kitchen-dining-design--island marble

A dining modern design kitchens It is to do two heights but completely open, without walls or furniture. You like?


Color too long ago on a design, White is the star as it gives amplitude, it gives light and also the feeling of cleanliness.

kitchen-dining-white design-

That you have to clear all the ideas of the best designs for dining we leave this gallery full of advice.

Keys to a Perfect Kitchen Dining

Both the lounge and kitchen are hangouts where ever spent more time because we work well either preparing food or working in the classroom, helping children&# 8230; open kitchen to the living room are very popular, so we are going to teach Five Keys to a perfect dining.


The furniture needs to be functional, practical and beautiful. We will try to save space.


He dining room or living room is marked by the sofa or table and chairs. Depending on the size that you may have at home you have to put the sofa and the table.


The home appliances, if you can, that they are modern and high-end since last longer because they are resistant. Besides being more bold and beautiful, they will offer better services and features.


He sofa It is a resting place where we spend many hours, either with family and friends, so a good sofa is important.


Finally the details such as lamps, stools, chairs&# 8230; make a difference and transform the kitchen into a place where we want to spend time.

kitchen-perfect-details-lamp unit

Kitchen Dining Room Photos

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