Colonial decor rooms: colors, furniture and tips

The colonial style is a kind of decoration that within classic lines maintain, It focuses on using natural and simple materials. Uses little furniture to avoid overloading the stay, but are chosen with care and detail are important pieces to fit well with each other.

It is a style with personality, takes care of the details from the decoration to the lamps, to moldings wall or ceiling. It also allows combined with oriental elements and large and lush vegetation.

If you think about how to decorate colonial rooms know that This style uses large pieces of furniture, dark colors and natural materials. It focuses on distributing furniture and decor throughout space, seeking balance and harmony between all elements.

Let's see these features carefully!

How to decorate colonial salons

Surely You can find inspiration on how to decorate colonial lounges in a lot of movies and series, especially in earlier times.

One of the main features of the colonial style is typically used furniture and handmade decorations. It is not an essential feature, but it is advisable to follow this trend. The use of non-industrial furniture or decorations generates a special attraction in this kind of stay.

It is also common to use carpets, candles, and great pictures. All items with its rustic character. 

How to decorate colonial rooms | Recommended colors

Recommended to decorate classrooms colonial colors are natural colors, Like the rest of the characteristics of this decorative style.

It is common to use brown, beige, red&# 8230; And complement classroom with some green, especially in paintings or plants. So monotony is broken and a different light is offered.

It is especially common to use dark colors in furniture and decoration, and lighter colors on ceilings and walls. It is a way to give absolute prominence to the few pieces that are placed in this kind of stay.

Even so, It is also a good choice for walls look roles in classic motifs. If you find any kind of wallpaper that is not too overdone, will give a unique and special touch to the hall. It tends to use symmetrical, lined or with a not too strong print patterns.

Be careful with this choice as it recharges over the room, and furniture should be lighter and less presence.

How to decorate colonial rooms | Furniture

The first advice we can give you on how to decorate colonial lounges and furniture, is that you careful not recharge stay. The furniture in this style are large and visually powerful, so it is easy to fall into this mistake and end up with a completely crowded and cramped room.

The following image is an example of how ornate is a lounge in colonial style:

If the stay is not especially big it is best to opt for furniture in beige or white shades. Thus able to give light and brightness to the room without reloading the space visually.

When choosing furniture and colonial thinking about how to decorate rooms the key is to focus on rustic pieces, which reigns wood and vintage aspects. A very valid to look for ancient artifacts and restore or reuse option in your living room.

As for the decor, the old pieces as telephones, turntables, maps or street signs, get to a genuine and original touch to your new decor. It is also interesting to look different lamps, built with bottles, candles, or specially treated crystals for novel textures.

Experts define the colonial as a fusion between east and west. For this reason Oriental is always interesting lines include the incorporation of both furniture and decoration. So you get a sharp and striking contrast.

As for the decor, you can include that oriental touch by paper lanterns or panels for the walls. These can even be used as room dividers that separate the room in two, for different uses.

How to decorate colonial rooms | Shapes and textures

Materials, as we have said, should be natural. For example, It is quite common to use leather, linen or raffia. Carpets made of bamboo have this feature and manage to enter the oriental touch in the lounge.

As for the sofas and armchairs, which are the main parts of this decorating style it is quite common to use a mixture of different tissues. When thinking about how to decorate colonial lounges you must take your chances, and not stay with the first idea. Leather merge with other materials in the furniture get a distinctive and original touch.

Think natural materials tend to be rather dark, so if you focus on furniture done so, you should combine them with floors, walls and ceilings in light colors. Thus the mixture will be much more aesthetic.

Along with leather, the other great protagonist is wood. Used for tables and shelves gives much presence and furniture It brings quality and luxury stay.

Tips for decorating colonial salons

One of the main tips that we can give to decorate colonial lounges is that Do not neglect the vegetation. Colorar leafy plants and a large lounge area will help to break with dark colors and textures used. It will be a different light input freshness.

If you're not loving plants, ensures that there is vegetation present in the tables put in your colonial living.

In addition, the light is very important in this type of decorations. By using dark colors in large furniture with heavy textures, it is important that the light is direct and powerful between. Similarly, choose lamps that can illuminate the entire stay, and distribute them in different locations.

The entire stay must be well lit, so You should not focus on a single point. It is better to have both ceiling lamps and floor in different places. Furthermore, the different lamps will have different uses: reading, environment, lighting Total&# 8230;

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