Shaker style decoration

Shaker style decor. The Shakers are a religious group that was formed in England in the eighteenth century, later it went to the United States. The Shaker group is admired for his creations in architecture and woodwork.

solid furniture, simple functions and high quality.&# 160; Shaker furniture is fashionable and have inspired many modern designers. In you more of Shaker style decor.

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the Shakers

  • The Shakers (United Republic of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing Society), belonged&# 160; loa Protestant branch Quakers. It is based on the teachings of women Ann Lee and Jane Wardley. During the decade from 1780 to 1790 they developed communities Shackers in Massachussetts, in Canterbury, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Gloucester, Maine and elsewhere.
  • The Shakers They practiced celibacy and therefore could not have children, the children of the community hospices were adopted or abandoned children. When the children were 21 years were free to leave or stay in the community.
  • &# 160;the Shakers families lived in a big house. The house had separate entrances for men and&# 160; women. Every family Shaker It was self-sufficient, had their own farm businesses built their own furniture and fixtures.

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Shaker architecture and decoration

  • As communities Shakers prospered so do the materials with which they build their houses and furniture. In Shaker decorating style, granite, marble bricks used.
  • large buildings and simple lack of frills.&# 160; Houses including common rooms for meetings. The barn used to be the largest building, reflecting the importance of agriculture in its economy.
  • The wood was widely used in doors, stairs, windows, frames and moldings.


  • the Shakers They were skilled in making useful and durable furniture. Like its architecture ruled out any unnecessary ornament. Furniture have simple forms constructed of lumber walnut, maple, birch, pine or honey.

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  • They are pieces of furniture collection created in the first communities Shaker. Wood chairs, cabinets, desks, bookcases, clocks, foot warmers, sewing boxes, brooms. Many useful and carefully made objects.
  • Basketry of Shaker It was known for its high quality. Baskets that are so fashionable today replacing drawers, used the Shekers, among the most popular items, brooms, rocking chairs and wrists.

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Forerunners of large-scale design furniture

  • In the nineteenth century, the Shakers were pioneers of industrial design in furniture. They created a chair ladder-back chair.
  • The chair was based on a simple and known way in New England but improved by the Shakers. It was a nice comfortable chair. This chair was awarded at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876, by design, strength and simplicity.
  • The chair became so famous that Shakers They acquired the patent in the US to ensure the benefits of their production.

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Shacker style do you cook

  • kitchens style Shacker They are simple with a rustic while still being elegant. Wooden furnishings, Wooden shelves, space for dishes, boxes of all sizes. Colorful ivory, white, cream, yellow, blue, green, red.

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