Remove the rottenness of the furniture

Woodworm is perhaps one of the problems we all end up with wooden furniture over time so when appear is necessary not only prevent but we must do everything possible to eliminate it.

Furniture made of wood that are very old or actually are somewhat damaged may end up suffering from what is known as woodworm and is a Coleoptera insect whose larvae are able to crack the woodworm.

How to detect rottenness in furniture:

  • Perhaps the most identifiable sign that suffer from woodworm furniture are some small holes They are appearing in different areas and that will certainly effect this insect (in fact it is the way they have to go), but before reaching this point we feel it a little earlier.
  • Although the larvae of woodworm not make noise when gnaw wood, the truth is that if you leave a small trace of dust so if we realize this dust can begin to avoid a problem that eventually will be much higher .
  • Humidity and pleasant temperature is usually one of the factors of its appearance so we can realize that from the first if we have a wooden cabinet that also has a crack, it can end up with woodworm and we will have finished with her.

How to remove the rottenness of the furniture:

  • The first thing we need to do to end the woodworm in a cabinet will be checking if the insect still within this or not. If we see the holes that have appeared remains is dust and dark, it is that there is still woodworm. If the holes are clean it is that he has already left.
  • We can buy at a specialty store a liquid anticarcoma in each of the holes in the cabinet and then close them with a special putty so that the product can penetrate deeper fibers of the wood and make this is retained and not deteriorate further.
  • We can also buy anticarcoma sprays that will be more effective in solving the problem of furniture that are already affected by this problem. We spray well all the furniture and then cover it with plastic for a couple of days.
  • We are having spent these two days we remove the plastic and the best solution of all is the catch of the furniture and repaint it, sanding first and after two (or more) layers can varnish so that it will protect him from most woodworm reappears.
  • Varnish is definitely a good solution to end the woodworm or indeed to prevent, although it is toxic to the insect so it is best to restore furniture that have infected and barnizarlos especially when we're done.

Video of how to eliminate woodworm in wooden furniture:

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