Over 200 Photos decoration modern rooms 2017

The photos decorating modern rooms we have chosen to find a good source of inspiration include photographs of great designers, stores sensational decor and many styles to find yours.

Image: Urban Development

There are many aspects to take care of the rooms, details that we sometimes go unnoticed but will be generating feelings to anyone who enjoys this space. We give you some ideas and we showed some good photographs so that you prove inspiring.

Let's start with the rooms with fireplace with modern style, then you can best designs rooms with fireplace. Join us!

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Modern rooms with fireplace


For some years, the fireplaces have become one of the fundamental elements of all classrooms, not only for aesthetics but also fire, ie, a cozy and warm.


although chimneys are integrated into classrooms, in most cases, there are also portable fireplaces and they look great anywhere in the room, this is because it is a modern and different complement.


Fireplaces in addition to being integrated into the architecture or be portable, can be distinguished by the materials in which they are manufactured. They may be steel chimneys, shaped wheel, masonry, aquarium&# 8230 ;.


In the next gallery you can see all styles of fireplaces there.

small modern rooms


When we have small rooms, decor is complicated because we want to get more space and also functional. It's complicated but not difficult, in this article you are going to discover how to decorate the small modern lounge optimizing space and with proper design.


The illumination It is very important, whether natural, it will always be much better than artificial. The light rooms seem larger, more light The greater feeling of spaciousness have,


Kingdom lighting also influence the colors to give that feeling of space, therefore we recommend that you use the White.


As our goal is to win space, we must take into account the design, that is, if we can put a small sofa, or if we want slightly larger sofas them around a small table. 

For more tips and photos about decorating a small modern living room you can see the next gallery.

Modern rooms in White

White is a classic that never dies and is still in style year after year. The modern rooms blank They are a wise move either because it is the main color in decoration of the room, by furniture and walls.


As you know the White brings light the hall, the feeling of amplitude and it generates people who are in the living room a warm, cozy and serene.


In the next gallery you will find the best ideas for modern white rooms, you will see the decor and furnishings so you can choose the ones you like.

Modern colors salons

Have ye tired of the appearance of living and want a change? This is the perfect section for you because we are going to teach the latest trends in colors modern rooms, either paint the walls and furniture.


One trend that is more fashionable is the color combination, each wall color but always following a harmony.


Not forgetting the rooms in a single color go combining different shades or always the same where you take him prominence furniture. In this gallery we show all ideas colorful modern rooms.

Modern rooms, furniture


Current trends or what we call modern rooms are characterized by large spaces and getting enhance every stay bright.


A few years ago, we watched as the wooden elements and large closets that were wall to wall were most desired; Today, and the photographs we are going to show throughout the article, we show how trends have changed and what is sought are functional cabinets but they do not absorb much space.


Furniture that now are ideal for modern rooms are those who spend more unnoticed in terms of space, taking more prominence sofa and decorative elements themselves.


We could say that It focuses more on comfort and convenience the rest in storage. It is also combined with bright colors to liven up the room as we can see in the picture above.

Image: casaydiseño

Therefore, one of the styles of the most talked about and relates to the so-called currency is the minimalist. This type of decoration is defined as indicated above, excess furniture is completely out of place and commitment functional furniture, mostly of straight lines and favoring the feeling of spaciousness.


The furniture in this style would include would be contributing functionality and those having to do with decorative aspects are outside. That is, it includes only the basics.

Image: westwing

Modern rooms: curtains


The curtains, a decorative element and privacy which has always been present in this space, passes a second location. In many photos you are going to see in this comprobaréis article that are not included in the modern rooms.

Image: Maison du monde

It is true that its functionality within the halls has been clear, not only to avoid the sun or prying eyes, it has also brought color to the rooms. However, it is also an object that can generate feeling of space remaining and breadth, so it is possible not to put curtains, increase brightness and this sensation.


Still, despite this appreciation that we make so that you also decidáis if you want to include or not within them, you will see other photographs that you will wonder what would become of this room without curtains? Pay attention to this, the color contribution It produces harmony in the decoration and liveliness.

Image: decorablog

Modern Lounges: Carpet


¿Yes Carpets, rugs not? A great question and many answers because, beyond the carpet is a great fabric insulates from the cold in the winter, for some it becomes a essential decorative element of any room and, for others, it is a complete incomodez for all the care required cleaning.

Image: Idealist

If we rely on the trends that we see in the great interior designers and photographs that we showed, carpets are included within modern rooms and they have not passed into history.


When you have a room large or small but you want narrow space, carpets will be a single element that offers this possibility.

Image: Stillwater Architecture

If you are planning to include a carpet in the decor, pay attention to colors and geometric shapes principal of stay you are creating. This can provide you much the fact of finding the perfect carpet for your modern living room.


In the following gallery you will find more examples of carpets for modern living rooms so that you have all the ideas for your living room.

Modern Living Rooms: Light


The brightness It is essential in any type of stay. If we talk about modern rooms, whether large or small, light is one of the main features that should never miss.

Image: pinterest

The natural light is ideal, bet large windows that allow impinges on the inside and that generates such a great feeling of spaciousness, having the outside inside comfortably. But, and this is a big but, we know that is not always possible to have such a possibility, so the next option is to have a good system of artificial lighting.


The ceiling lamps, wall and decor They are essential in order to have that extra light so important. Take time to choose the design of lamps that best suits your needs and style of decoration chosen, then you can focus on the type of light you want (cold, warm, etc.).

Image: Alexandra Fedorova

Do not forget that the lamps are also a decorative element to look and can give an extra touch of color and generate their own feelings to anyone who sees it, depending on the environment and other decorative elements.


Another element that has to do with light and it may be interesting to add are the candles. There are many types of candles and can play a perfect role as decoration but also as a contribution intimate light.

Image: westwing.es

In the following gallery you can find more examples to decorate your rooms depending on the light

Ikea modern rooms

In this section you will find everything related to the lounge Ikea catalog, decoration and design so that the stay is this part of the home as comfortable as possible. You're going to be able to find the latest news on shelves, furniture and other elements that form a living.

salons-modern-ikea-white sofa

If you are interested to know more about the IKEA catalog and its various modern rooms with the various elements that make up a living room click on the link below.

IKEA catalog

Photos decoration modern rooms

In the gallery of images that we present below you you can see a wide variety of modern rooms that you will be absolutely inspiring. Different sizes, styles, colors, combinations&# 8230; Sure to find something in every classroom love you.

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