Cross stitch pictures to decorate | Materials and patterns

Using cross point as decorative elements is not new, since it makes It is a technique that have tuilizado our mothers and grandmothers for years to make all kinds of decorative elements. You have certainly seen paintings, cushions or even placemats made with this type of sewing.

One of the most common things are the pictures of children cross point, with motifs like children to decorate their rooms.

Nevertheless, not think that the cross point is limited to pictures. There are plenty of items you can decorate with this technique and can be fantastic in any home. Can be used for:

  • Postcards and congratulations.
  • Tags.
  • Christmas ornaments (and other).
  • Bistuer.
  • Clothes.
  • Mobile covers.

Even in tables and holed thin wood you can use this technique. In fact, Some people decorate furniture that way. However, today we will focus on what we consider the first step, cross stitch pictures to decorate rooms.

Although we will focus more on classical models, later we will explain how to design your own patterns, so you can make pictures with any subject. Keep reading!

How do cross stitch pictures

Cross stitch It is a very popular style embroidery between housework. Moreover, for many years children were taught in school to do this type of sewing, home decorating gifts that made the day of the mother or father.

To do You need a support frame with a uniform (Either fabric, perforated paper, wood, etc) that guides you when making cross stitch.

Further, You need a pattern with the pattern that you are embroidering. Although in the next section we will carefully all the necessary material, these are the two main things to keep in mind. And the point is cross transferring the pattern to the fabric, replacing each square pattern for cross stitch fabric.

Cross stitch, as you see in the pictures, It consists of two crossed lines made with the yarn. Then we will see step by step to get a fantastic cross stitch box.

Materials for cross stitch pictures

Lets start by the beginning, What do you need to throw boxes to embroider cross stitch? Let's see one by one the materials, although Haberdashery and there are many stores that will sell you ready kits with everything you need.

Importantfor as the picture is fabric having a uniform pattern, help you with the design pattern. Fabrics are often used as cambric cotton, cotton canvas, fabric or the honeycomb Aida fabric. All of them, as you see in the image, with a more or less marked with small square frame.

Besides that, what do you need?

  • Pattern.
  • Needles.
  • Yarns of different thicknesses and colors.
  • Scissors or wire cutters (as pictured).
  • Embroidery frame.

The frame is not essential, but if that is helpful, especially with your first job. It helps to have the fabric in tension and so You will not confuse the different rows and columns of the frame.

Needles you use may be of any type, although is recommended needles blunt. They are not pricked needles, ideal for cross stitch pictures since they are not entangled and easily fit through the holes.

Patterns for cross stitch pictures

Patterns for cross stitch pictures are schemes based on different squares, with design printed on color indicating which squares should be left empty and which fill with the appropriate thread color. Each square represents a cross made of wire.

There are many models, but as we have said before, pictures of children point cross are the most common to find. ANDn many stores sell packs of these designs to decorate rooms for babies or young children.

However, thanks to new technologies Now you can create your own patterns and models. With software such as Puntotek, or PC Stitch Pattern Maker 10 you can transform any image into a box cross stitch.

Moreover, not only help you with the design, but They tell you the color palette of the wires you need They are very complete buy!

This example of Winnie the Pooh is made with one of these programs, and as you see is exactamnete like any other pattern.

How do cross stitch pictures step by step

Before concluding this article, see step by step how to cross stitch, since it is the basis of all cross stitch pictures that you can do.

As you see in the first explanatory image, the needle must enter through one of the holes of the frame and out the opposite diagonal. So you believe the first blade of the cross. Then reenters the hole under which you have just left, and conversely goes diagonally, which closes the cross.

This is the most basic point, and which it is represented by a colored square in all patterns and models. Each small square equals one of these crosses made with matching thread.

Once you have more experience entire lines can be done with another method. It consists in doing all the diagonals of a row of pull, and then missing to finish the crosses blades. In the picture below you will clearly see what we mean. 

Nevertheless, we recommend you do the basic point cross from scratch. You will ensure not go wrong and It will be easier to perform the work. With this other system you must go mentally counting the squares you wear, and have very clear the final figure to not go wrong.

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