Rest in oriental style: “The futon”

So much to hear from futons and still do not have one? Lies in the purest oriental style and enjoy the comfort it offers.


There are many ways to decorate our house and that, in turn, we find it practical and perfect for any occasion that comes our way, and what better to do this than having a futon at home.

For those who desconozcáis a futon It is a type of mattress which sets up a Japanese bed. It is a thin mattress placed over a simple wooden platform attached to the floor or floors tatami. native of Japan and the result of an ancient tradition, the futon collects all the wisdom and oriental art world.

futon decoration

Japanese futons are low, as about 5 cm. thick and have an outer sheath, the filling is cotton, generally they folded and stored in a closet during the day allowing the tatami aerate and thus being able to use the room for other uses. Futons must be regularly ventilated sun, especially if they left for the day.

The concept futon in Europe has westernized, the Western futons Japanese differ in several respects. Generally, they are filled with a mixture of cotton and latex or only with latex and they are in most cases much thicker, mimicking the size of traditional mattresses.

Usually they situated above a frame usable for two uses: as a bed or couch, Today many people opt for this type of multifunctional furniture both at home because you can enjoy an elegant low sofa in the living room and while a makeshift bed, and because, from the point of view strictly decorative, futons give an air Zen very sophisticated to homes.

Futon bed tatami

The futon is ideal for the column, by its nature, night stand has an excellent point of contact with the body, very hard to beat for another mattress that currently exists. The advantages which has a futon with respect to other pieces of furniture are innumerable.

allows us to convert the room into a comfortable guest room, finding among their positions best for the moment we are enjoying. For his design goes completely unnoticed. Thanks to the combination of fabric futon and wood structure gives us a warmth in the unique environment.

futon-mattress bed-style
Information of interest
: The futon risk of running too hard, especially due to excess moisture retained mainly caused by transpiration and absorption capacity of cotton, therefore requires a minimal care, ventilation is essential.