More than 100 photos Rustic Kitchen charmingly decorated

The rustic kitchens never go out of style and that's because the taste of tradition, homemade food, family and friends&# 8230; is a delight to enjoy at home. Therefore we will show you the best ideas for a rustic kitchen decor, the kitchen will have that traditional and cozy feel both like. Join us!

Work rustic kitchens


Decorate the kitchen with natural materials, in this case the wood, It makes the house convey warmth and it is a rustic house. You can choose to decorate the entire kitchen in wood or combine it with modern elements, both forms will be a beautiful and traditional house.


In this photo we have another completely different from the previous style, it is a cement kitchen, It is a little dark but contemporary. Whenever metamos some color will be better, such as a wooden or some picture giving a lively and distinctive touch.

The rustic kitchens work are more expensive, but the result is much more personal and also you can add elements that arise from other decorative styles, and we serve inspiración.Os more examples in the following gallery.

Modern rustic kitchens

kitchen neorustica

Modern rustic kitchens have a industrial look and they are taking more and more strength every day we find more kitchens in this style. This way you get a light or dark, white or black kitchen&# 8230; according to the taste of each.


Dark kitchens dissimulate all, they are more comfortable but if the kitchen is small or does not have much room is better not to use this resource. The combinations may be many, but the most common is stainless steel cabinets, wooden table with dark walls, for example in gray, getting a very cozy kitchen. Find out more in the next gallery.

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Rustic White kitchens


You can not miss the white rustic kitchens, classical and traditional its main advantage of increasing light and clean feeling. To make the space much more striking kitchen and also achieved with other elements and styles, whether rustic and modern decoration and even the mininimalismo.

rustica-white kitchen

Another advantage, and also seen in this photo, is the space width. They are one of the keys to its success. If the kitchen is small also choose white or light-colored furniture, so you get a kitchen with charm and full of light.

In addition rustic kitchens in a color such as white, they combine much better with this other element that characterizes kitchens that are of this style. I refer of course, to wood we can find for both tables and furniture to ceilings and even laminate flooring which are currently one of the hottest trends for the house. We leave this gallery so you can see more white rustic kitchens.

IKEA kitchens Rústicas


It is not necessary that the kitchen is completely rustic, you can enter items for your cottage is a beautiful country house. In this photo IKEA we see a rustic house with stone countertops and appliances traditional look. It is a wise move furniture with integrated light as they give a cozy look.


In this image that It is predominantly white with very characteristic laminated fronts of the houses, without overlooking the Inspirational giving plants. This kitchen also has details on natural materials like wooden floor. We leave more models of rural kitchens that you can find at IKEA.

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Rustic Kitchen: How to decorate

A rustic cuisine is characterized mainly by the use of natural materials such as wood, wrought iron and stone that convey warmth and personality, but also often Serve with new objects and modern decorative accessories Basic colors like green and beige.


History shows that we have always liked the style of rustic kitchens, the typical country houses were integrated into a multifunctional kitchen. England was the first European country in the eighteenth century created a specific room to eat. From there the middle class took a liking to the pleasant and comfortable dining rooms and kitchens were often furnished with rustic decorative objects and antiques along CONTEMPORARY eighteenth century in general kitchen and dining room.


Then we will analyze the rustic kitchens and the best styles and modern, the latest trends, we will see the rustic kitchens designed in stone and wood, steel furniture (neorústico style), cement and chic kitchens.

All with photo galleries as complete, and among which those designs that are newer so if you're looking for a rustic kitchen this coming year, you certainly will be essential to all this information.

Rustic Kitchen, stone and wood design

The stone and wood are the main stars of rustic interior design. Furniture in wood They are best suited for country-style decorations and this is because they are wood conveys a feeling of warmth and add a touch of tradition.

rustica-wood kitchen

The stone also plays a fundamental role in the rustic style, we usually find this material in modern structures and furniture sets wooden accompanied because the combination of both materials is adapted to perfection and We got a charming rustic decor.

Cement Rustic Kitchen

cement rustic kitchen-with-tiles-white

The greatest novelty of the moment are the kitchens cement, They give a slightly darker image but contemporary to have a touch of color, they are fine with wooden fittings (tops or shelves). It's a gamble you can use this material and cabinets, walls, even on an island and you will achieve a rustic cuisine with a twist.

cement rustic kitchen

To achieve personal space, minimalist and a cold spot, opt for a cement kitchen (it is a material that lasts a lifetime). There are several types of color and this is due to the application of pigments, obtain polished concrete in a variety of colors and finishes, matte and shine.

Furthermore, although the dark is something we have already said that characterizes this type of cuisine, we can also meet some proposals that are more striking, clearer since for example, has among its prominent white colors. In the next gallery you will see various styles of rustic kitchens cement and also those mentioned tones.

Rustic Kitchen Chic

Sure to see the title you wonder What are the chic rustic kitchens? Well, the kitchens are using lots of wood, hydraulic or white floors and contemporary furnishings blend with vintage and industrial design, it is a cozy look.

In many respects it resembles the neorústico style, not only are the most commonly used styles of the time, also in that mix styles and furniture from different eras, but differ in the chic style is more ornate and neorústico is the most sober of all.

rustic-chic kitchen-furniture

The &8220; chic&8221; for this type of cuisine, is determined mainly because it ensures that a style that can seem so dark or &# 8220; strong&8221; rustic as you can see something more refined or a design where furniture and colors combine to make our country kitchen look more modern.

The style is also very chic bohemian and it is fashionable. A style characterized in mixing materials, colors, textures, furniture from different eras and styles, as we see in the pictures below.

Tips for decorating your Rustic Kitchen

The rustic kitchens are characterized by traditional elements but can always have a rustic look with modern furniture, then we are going to discuss a few tips to guide you to decorate your kitchen.


  1. To achieve a rustic country style and the best option is to choose wooden furniture, They are warm and bring tradition and harmony to the kitchen.
  2. The Wood casework They are another option to take into account, but we painted in white and ocher tones and combined with varnished wooden doors.
  3. A variation of the above are casework without wooden doors, we will put fabric curtains, They are cheaper and in a country house combine well.
  4. Replaced by wall units open cabinets are suitable both large and small kitchens.
  5. Another way to decorate is replace high furniture or wood casework, and rustic achieve this we seek. One tip is to paint work shelf wall color to melt.
  6. Office table wood or metal It is ideal for breakfast and lunch.
  7. To save space used wooden benches, on each side of the table stands a bank that has the same length as the board adds independent cushions tones predominate in space and see how just do not take place and, at the same time, are very decorative.
  8. If your kitchen is small or do not have space for a table, place a breakfast bar with stools below, give a light and dynamic look to the kitchen.
  9. The various kitchen countertops, ie as decoration and how is the kitchen you must choose the best combination for the top, natural stones as granite and marble are ideal for a country kitchen, but if the furniture is light work or you can opt for wood because it will be the best combination.
  10. As for colors do not forget that the brown color of the wood and gray stone color, they are indispensable, but You can also introduce others that allow you to get some light when you decoréis in small spaces. Among all, it is as the white which it is essential when combining and is also trend.
  11. In addition gamble for roofs that are outstanding and if you have one high or too high a matter of leverage to count for example, orn roof is wooden with either film strips or beams which are also characteristic of rustic kitchens.

Rustic Kitchen video

In the video below you will find more examples of rustic kitchens of different types and styles so that you have more ideas for decorating your kitchen.

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