Wooden shelves for wall

Wooden shelves can be undoubtedly one of the best solutions when decorating the walls of our homes, besides having an obvious role and being able to be placed on them all kinds of decorative elements. Espaciohogar, we want to show some options for wall wooden shelves and with which we can get also any decorative style.


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Wooden shelves for wall


  • Wooden shelves wall, usually quite common in every household since we can always fall back on them if we want, for example, put some books in a bedroom, or our dining room look much more organized.
  • Among all the options we have for shelves or wooden shelves, we need to know what type or style will best we can combine in our living room, or dining room or bedroom.
  • Even that ye may be something &8220; handyman&8221; or if you like yourself, we can choose to make our own wooden wall shelves and thus, we can save money and have shelves above measures and style that we like.

Ideas wooden shelves for wall


  • Currently, it takes a lot to choose the wooden shelves that have a contemporary design so that we shall put, for example, in a living room in which the decorative style is modern. They may be shelves as we see above, two ledges are mixed together so that apart from its function to create a nice decoration for our wall.


  • Besides having a design that is modern and original, we can choose between wooden shelves wall, different models so that by placing them in our living room we stay how are you we see in the above image. An idea that will allow most stylish decor and surely surprise your guests. 


  • He children's bedroom It is another space of the house for which we can choose to place wooden shelves but for them, it is best to choose models like this. Wooden wall shelves featuring a fun design, shaped like a tree and also to be at the height of children so that they can be ello.s those who access books and other items.


  • For those who wish wooden shelves that are more classic, always good idea to choose those models that have a rustic style. Natural wood shelves as we see above and can quedaros genital in a dining room, in a living room, in a bedroom or even the kitchen.

kitchen shelves

  • I will also want to show an example of wooden ledge wall we can do ourselves. Ledges how are you, and they will be great in the kitchen and for which it takes only a timber cut to size and a pair of angles or brackets to fix to the wall and that clamp.


  • Also for kitchen, It is a good idea to have wooden shelves on the wall but with an added element. The doors.
  • This way you can better preserve food to put on the shelves, collect or maintain more kitchen cabinets transforming shelves.

Photogallery wooden shelves wall

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