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The Art Deco style was popular around the world after the First World War.

Luxury, glamor and exoticism in the decor. If you want to decorate your house in Art Deco style Espaciohogar. com you more about the Art Deco.


Art Deco He had great influence on the culture from the '20s fashion, painting, industrial design, architecture, film and decoration. Art Deco designs continue to inspire designers around the world.

What is Art Deco?

  • He Art Deco is a style ecliptic, mixing different trend of the times. It begins in 1920 and extends to 1950. The Universal Exhibition of 1900 in Paris, marked a milestone. Many French artistes pair formed a group to promote changes in the decorative arts. Including Eugène Grasset, Paul Follot, Emile Decour, Hector Gimard.


  • Art Deco was born in France pretending to divide the time after World War I as a new era.&# 160; Art Deco influences decorative objects such as lamps, furniture, even combs.
  • Exoticism, use of color and luxury led to Art Deco to be the most demanded style at the time. Have Art Deco furniture or objects were symbols of distinction.
  • Wavy lines, adaptation and interpretation of earlier styles such as Romanesque or Gothic.

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  • He art deco It reflects different trends of the time such as Cubism, Constructivism, Art Nouveau. It is also inspired by ancient civilizations like the Aztec, Japan, the Egyptian culture or Turkey.
  • sophisticated ornaments as geometric figures. Painted moldings on the ceiling, gargoyles or vertical lines on the facades of buildings. Buildings painted with drawings. design and decoration stairs.
  • He Art Deco&# 160; soon it spreads throughout the world from United Kingdom to New Zealand. In the United States there are lots of art deco buildings like New York, Miami or Florida.


Art Deco decor

  • Against the simplicity of the furniture of the First World War, Art Deco put aside simplicity, intended to highlight. Use the color, brightness and new materials. raw colors on the walls, often in bright finishes. Using decorative painting techniques like stippling or mopping to give a different effect to the painting walls.


  • Velvet, carpets, and leather as common elements in the decor.
  • The furniture with rounded corners, curves and large proportions. exotic woods like Palo Santo, ebony or polisandro. Lacquered Chinese furniture brilliant inspiration.
  • Using linoleum or tile bicolor black and white.
  • Carpet with geometric designs.

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  • Colors strong like red, yellow, pinks, greens and blues. Mixed with black, silver, chrome.
  • Fabrics with geometric patterns or motifs inspired by Egypt and the Aztecs.
  • Apart from wooden materials such as stainless steel are used, the aluminum, zebra skin, lacquer, marble and other materials that stand out for their innovation and elegance.
  • Using mirrors in the decor.
  • Finished in bright chrome and glass contributed to the decor.

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