“Top ten” of decorative painting techniques

After haberos explained everything you need to start painting in our house, we speak now in Espaciohogar on best paintings that we can choose, depending on our style, furniture and the result we want to achieve. An easy and simple way to redecorate our house without big budgets.

wall decoration

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  1. Apply the paint to the wall
  2. &# 8220; Top Ten&8221; Decorative painting techniques

Apply the paint to the wall:

Walls with different textures

  • In addition to the traditional way of applying paint with a brush or roller, giving a uniform finish wall, there multiple methods to apply textures among decorative paint techniques and, alone or in combination they can reach give a unique appearance to stay.
  • Also important is the choice of color, we can choose one, two or more colors keeping within the same tones, the lighter shades reflect light and dark colors absorb, we can play with both to create different environments and enlarge the space.

Variation of colors and shades

  • A must when redecorating our home and give it a new approach is to choose the technique of applying paint, which will provide the desired finish, sparkly, satin, mate or decorative textures.

&# 8220; Top Ten&8221; decorative painting techniques:

There are many techniques that can be used to paint the walls, from only give color to very different decorative finishes. Both the color and the decorative technique renew the atmosphere radically. Here we present this "Top ten" with the most innovative techniques to see which you decide:


  • The painting takes a lot of water, This gives a translucent paint little consistency and washed effect paint also withstands quite well over time


  • is need a gun that degrades the color from maximum intensity until a very soft tone so that when applied is as blurred on the wall and creating a consistency of this very smooth and elegant.


  • HE applying paint tapping, on the surface with a sponge. We tried to eliminate excess on cardboard to the desired texture.


  • It uses a draft drawing template, so that when passing the roller, it is printed on the wall. It is ideal for decorating rooms in which we want some concrete stamping or drawing, such as in children's rooms.


  • It is not a painting but a lime paste and pulverized marble. It is used for decorating the walls so that while we apply and once the wall has dried is with some relief.

Paint stucco wall


  • It is similar to the coating technique performed with paint or plastic water mechanically on walls or ceilings. Its finish is an effect in relief in the form of droplets and rooms that looks great in white, yes, hard enough to remove so if we are not sure of the result, better try before another technique.


  • Is a lacquer with lacquer or enamel, which is applied on the walls or furniture giving them a smooth and soft touch finish. Ideal for double rooms.


  • First a paint layer is applied on a solid color, before drying cloth is passed so that there is uniform, then a finite brush irregular lines are drawn similar to the veins of marble. It is a technique often used in rooms such as the bathroom.


  • It uses a rigid brush with short bristles and straight tip to be wet and put 30 centimeters from the surface to then shake with accurate shots.


  • HE applying paint with a brush and then extends in a wrinkled cloth. two people, one for the brush and the other for the cloth are necessary.

Room mopped painting

One at a time or in combination, these techniques allow us to achieve unique and customized finishes for the different rooms of our home.

Video of decorative wall painting techniques with effects:

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