nest, a convenient and practical solution for children's bedrooms and where you need to have an extra bed. Versus traditional bed, trundle beds offer more advantages.

In you more of the beds nests videos.

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Advantages trundle beds

  • The trundle It is an example of a functional furniture. It consists of a lower space that can accommodate another bed that moves on wheels or drawers for storage bins. The trundle usually it integrated with furniture shelves on both sides, which achieves a higher utilization of space and an integrated package.

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Win centimeters without losing comfort

  • Want to make the most of the children's bedroom? If you need two beds, trundle 2X1 offers. In the space occupied by a single bed have two. When the need is removed very convenient and ready to sleep. When you do not need wins in the bedroom space.


Extra Storage Space

  • Models trundle with&# 160; a single bed, take advantage of the lower space in wide drawers to store clothes, another season, shoes, books or toys for your children. Having an extra storage space is a big advantage.
  • In the photo above trundle in&# 160; pale green decapé with another bed at the bottom. It can be placed against the wall, horizontally and even gain more space.


  • A trundle walnut wood color, classic style with large capacity drawers under the bed. Dresser and bedside tables together.

¿Bed or couch?

  • A trundle you can have it in a studio, office or&# 160; in any room as if it were a sofa and use it when you need it, without having the space occupied by a conventional bed.

  • If they come your children's friends you can sit on the bed as a bedspread and cushions the rear trundle beds,&# 160; sofa makes the role much better than sitting on the bed.&# 160;

  • In the bottom photo shows a trundle bed modern design with metal frame, with the bedspread and cushions like a sofa, however&# 160; is a trundle bed.



  • now one trundle rustic pine wood, is also used as a sofa in the back you can even make 2 foam pads occupying all the support, all you can be upholstered in a plain or patterned color. On these cushions you can put smaller cushions, have a comfortable sofa bed while.

Many designs to choose from

  • The trundle beds are not limited to children or youth rooms. Have many models to choose from rustic trundle beds, trundle beds minimalist Zen romantic style or inspiration.

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master-RN642&# 160; pull-out-for-children-mixed-334505

  • In the bottom photo shows a trundle Princess style-of-story, made of metal blank carries a canopy pale pink. In the bottom fabric straight down to hide the lower bed.


master-SSI783&# 160; master-SSI685&# 160;

  • You like him oriental style?, in the lower photo shows a trundle inspired by the Japanese style, black lacquered high gloss. The combination of soft colors&# 160; on the cushions and bedspread contrasts with the black of the bed. Mix different sizes and shapes of pads it is fashionable, if you want to give it another go to your sofa or trundle bed, mixing different types of pillows. master-RN667

master-LGC162 master-RN664

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