Canopy beds

Romantic, modern, cottage style or shabby chic. Canopy beds are already used since the sixteenth century with a practical purpose, protect from insects. In we tell you more of the four poster beds.

Canopy beds

Although it is not a usual type of bed more and more people are opting for these types of beds to add a romantic or original decoration style. You can find them even in large chains such as Ikea decor.

As four-poster beds arise

Today we have different ways to protect us from insects such as mosquitoes, and yet we continue to use bednets. In the past the problem was how to prevent&# 160; mosquitoes or other insects disturb sleep. Hence the idea to give the bed some protection emerged.

It was thought four posts and put on them a thin but dense fabric mesh protect people the passage of insects. He was born four-poster bed, but that time had a more practical function than aesthetics.

Not everyone could afford this type of bed, so four poster beds were considered a luxury item, we have seen in movies and pictures, earls, kings and people of high society since the Renaissance had four poster beds. Canopy beds

Poster beds in different styles

The classics have as you see in the picture below, brown wood. At the top it carries wrought iron bars with ornaments. The four columns topped by a capital just really worked wood.

Canopy beds

Shabby chic style

In this style dominates the white and pastel colors.&# 160; This bed bottom photo is of carved wood to highlight a finish as old. It is simple and elegant, you can combine sheer curtains in white type with a small floral print, thus be breaking the uniformity of the room where abundant white.

Canopy beds

&# 160;

This poster bed in "princess" plan is perfect for a child or youth room. Carries an iron frame in white and the part columns is topped with porcelain balls.

Canopy bedsArt Deco

A bed that mimics the art deco style with geometric motifs on the frame and the tops of the columns.&# 160; They can put curtains on the bed and on the sides to reach fully cover the bed like a mosquito net. Canopy beds

classic style renovation

Elegant lines&# 160; very straight and topped with balls in columns. A white canopy bed frame. In this case it does not carry curtains and yet is elegant. With gauze curtains curtain type would be perfect.

Canopy bedsModern style

A nice and original four-poster bed made up of four columns shaped trees with twigs and everything. It is beautiful and nothing ostentatious. It can be combined with white curtains, more transparent than photography to achieve an effect greater lightness visillo type.

Canopy beds&# 160;

Canopy roof

Ingenuity led later reconvert traditional beds canopy beds through accessories that were fixed to the ceiling or walls of the room. In the photos below white models. Canopied four anchor points in black.

Canopy beds

&# 160;

&# 160;

Canopy beds Canopy beds

Here's a mosquito net canopy very Moroccan style, where due to the heat used a lot of these canopies to protect themselves from mosquitoes.

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