More than 100 Youth Bedrooms 2017 full of inspiration

Your son or daughter needs a new teenage bedroom? It is time to renew the youth rooms in finding a place to relax, study and keep all your stuff. We show photographs of juvenile furniture.


youth bedroom: Decorative Tips

The bedroom at these ages is going to turn into his den, in his most personal space, where they will project all that are feeling or thinking about where your tastes are going to be reflected and therefore, this place will be their refuge irrespective of whether or not orderly.

Select a teen bedroom is not easy, because one is choosing a bedroom that is not for him. To make it easier this task we have written some tips that I hope will be useful.

Style selection and furniture for the room


If you want to hit with the decor of the room, listen to the likes of your son / a and keep in mind when choosing a type of bedroom.

It is important that involved in the project of decorating what will be his room that feels itself, wanting to have her collection and motivation. Show him pictures and catalogs with different styles to see which fits more with their tastes. You can advise you on the choice but they can choose to leave.


a teen You need a study area, a table and comfortable chair with a shelf for books, folders and other objects. Think of a room that is comfortable and practical for your child to rest and study, trying to impinge on the desk natural light.

Before you buy think if there is any furniture that you can exploit, painting colors or giving another style. You can save enough money for a little home work.

What room is the bedroom?


Space and shape of the bedroom are important when decorating. The smaller, you need functional furniture little space that can cover most needs. Bunk beds, trundle beds or high beds below have a desk are ideal for maximum use of space.

How much light gets the bedroom?


If you receive lots of natural light you can paint the walls any or all of a slightly more intense color, because light will color the color. Still, he thinks that Light colors enlarge spaces.

If your daughter or son really likes a color can paint the central wall that color and the rest in a somewhat paler color. Best roof in a light color for greater contrast.

Before painting the wall&# 8230;

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that although a color you paint the walls and think they will be combined with the rest of the furniture, your son or daughter and will then take care of filling them posters and photos, so if space is very small and painted a bright color, still will see smaller as they begin to paste pictures.

It's better than from the beginning, and before decorating according to a preconceived idea, we take into account this factor although it may sound a bit stupid, it's something that can happen and that many parents do not like it when you have spent a lot of money and effort to paint walls.


Another alternative option is posters vinyls decorative, which look great on the walls and currently sold with the faces and figures of many artists that maybe they admire.

The stickers no longer stickers, so we can not just put them ourselves, but we can also remove them or remove them when they have tired already and replace them.

We can find them landscapes, characters, figures or drawings and they are placed on the wall as if we placing a sticker; but yes, we have to be careful that no air bubbles stick or crooked we are.

Plenty of room to store

Boxes under the trundle. A bed with trapdoor under the mattress, containers, shelves, chests. Teenagers have a lot to save and the more places they have to do better. Poufs, comfortable armchairs, cushions on the bed of different colors.

Many of the beds sold in stores today, if not all, often have drawers or cabinets in which to store everything. The best? models like we see it above in which in addition to the aforementioned drawers, these are hidden because they have an element that the cap and also included in the structure of the bed.


A place to hang your memories

Photos, postcards, drawings. A picture cork with thumbtacks on the wall where your child put whatever you want. Institute schedule, a fun calendar, posters of their favorite characters and so on.
It is also very practical for yourself or you leave notes for yourself whether to do something and also allow them to have a day all their labors.

Ikea youth bedroom


Ikea is one of the shops of reference in decoration for all levels, from youth bedroom to the bathrooms or kitchen.


Ikea designs, even for youth rooms, adhere to practical and functional furniture that allows them to enjoy the room and make it their own.

A very important aspect is that you can easily customize with the rest of the decor: wall color, textiles, decorative elements&# 8230; This will facilitate that you can find inexpensive furniture and your children will become their own.


In addition, you know that at the same store you can find a large selection of items for storage, organization and textiles for a walk around this center take you everything you may need.

Shops for youth bedrooms

Remember that in large areas such Ikea, Conforama, Leroy Merlin furniture or Boom you can find offers functional furniture, beds, shelves, desks and everything you need to decorate a youth bedroom full.


All these shops that I have mentioned, not only have exposure models but also we can also ask we designed with 3D programs, the idea of ​​what we're looking for from their products and thus can see how it will all together before we start to buy furniture and to spend money; and we can even get new ideas and perspectives on what initially thought.

cheap youth bedrooms

In this gallery we present below you can find juvenile furniture stores we mentioned above, as noted for having a variety of designs at affordable prices.

You just have to click on the first image to be seeing the different rooms and their designs:

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