How to decorate bouquets

Often a bouquet of flowers is the easy solution when we choose a gift with little time. Also suitable for many occasions: birthdays, Mother's Day, to congratulate all occasions, and as for Valentines, anniversaries and romantic dates or to make a centerpiece. Therefore, we explain now how to make a bouquet of flowers in various versions that surely will convince you to make your own.

bouquet of flowers

How to Make a bouquet of flowers

To make a bouquet of flowers that have true meaning must follow certain steps that sometimes go unnoticed in trouble.

Must be to choose correctly the type of flower, colors and balance General presentation.

Important things to consider

When making a bouquet of flowers we must not forget that a rose does not represent the same as a daisy, and a red flower does not send the same message to a white.

There are many sites query Over the meanings of flowers and colors that would not hurt to check before starting the task.

This way you can hit when combine your flowers, and be sure that the field has meaning. 

Make a bouquet is not just mixing different flowers and already, some of them require special care so place them in a class without more, can be harmful to them.

Choose flowers of our industry

In addition to flowers, you should choose the other Bouquet items with the same care. Ornamental branches, ribbons, vases or vases must follow the central idea, why you are doing the arrangement.

Make a bouquet of flowers it may be something more than a manualidad. Japanese culture has developed an art from floral arrangements: the ikebana. In it the aesthetic enjoyment, meditation and even a philosophy of life are mixed.

Make a bouquet of flowers, Step by Step

Once you have decided the flowers with which you want to make your bouquet, you will need a series of materials for this and they are:

Materials to make a bouquet of flowers simple

  • Flores (between 10 and 20, or indeed the number you want)
  • Branches and leaves
  • Pruning shears
  • Wire or twine to tie the flowers
  • Tape
  • Paper (if you want) to wrap the bouquet
  • A water container
  • Alfileres

How do our bouquet of flowers

To begin forming our industry, we must begin cut off excess foliage and thorns (In the case of roses for example) with secateurs.

You must cut flowers all at the same height (As you work with them, you have to go placing them in a bowl of water so that we will not die).

Grab four or five flowers, stem dry with some paper and so you put whatever they excel in the field. To this end the ATAS wire or string.

From these, you see placing the rest of the flowers so that they are the contours so that are formed increasingly lower layers and forming a sphere.

A placing flowers you can go alternating the dry branches so that you can form a bouquet to be varied.


When you're done must attach the entire assembly with wire or rope about 6 or 8 cm below the flowers. Make a final and cut all the stems at the same height knot.

To end, short 40 cm approximately tape, and place the end inside the stems and begins to wrap the bunch of very neat form, taking care that the tape is flat, covering the entire length of the stems, from top to bottom.

Arriving at lower end, the tape introduced into the stems and secure with one or two pins. You can also cut another piece of tape, make a bow and secure the stems with pins.

Make a bouquet of flowers with candy, step by step


On the other hand, as an original idea that we propose for Valentine's Day, we suggest, and explain, how to make a nice bouquet of flowers with candy.

Materials you will need

  • Candies
  • Roll crepe paper
  • Palos de pinchos
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Basket case
  • floral foam
  • Green paper

How it is done

This flowers bouquet is made with the help of candy we'll have to wrap crepe paper.

Cut strips of this paper and folded in half, crossing with another strip so that in the middle we can put candy and wrap.

Then we stick candy flower we have done in the stick skewers. To do this, we can do &8220; Body&8221; so that the candy is securely attached to the stick.

we must go clicking each &# 8220; flower&8221; one to one to the floral sponge previously we will put inside the basket.

We can leave space between each flower, so you can also add some pieces of paper and other items such as straw or papelcortado Mocking bird nests.

With all this, we can have a nice floral arrangement that will be perfect for a day like Valentine.

You can also add some other flowers, crepe paper made other colors. Thus, your floral arrangement will be more beautiful and varied.

It's better than a bouquet like this will never die and will be a Valentine's gift that you love or love remember forever.

And for those of you Gunning for the option of making a natural bouquet as we saw first, We leave you this video where you can see step by step how to do it.

Vodeo how to make a bouquet of flowers naturally:

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