Sofas and dogs

sofas and&# 160; dogs, there are dogs that do not have to&# 160; jump the couch with their owners, they enjoy a designer sofa exclusive to themselves.

It may seem like an eccentricity&# 160; but the truth is that the dog sofas are a success. Espaciohogar you what we have video.


sofas imitation leather with metal legs sofas dense foam designed for dogs more&# 160; older to relieve your joints. Designer sofas Available in various sizes, with more finishes&# 160; Many sofas intended for humans. If you like to pamper your pet do not miss the sofa for dogs, They seem even more of your household furniture.

Sofa for dogs

  • In the photo above,&# 160; a standard sofa for dogs&# 160; minimalist style with steel legs. Done in black synthetic leather. The sofa looks like a solid and very comfortable. The dog that is testing seems to agree. e88a9916441a43e39f9e658e487d6fa7

  • In photo 2, sofa Orthopedic designed to dogs older who need pain relief your joints. It is made of a dense foam. Young dogs also enjoy their comfort.
  • You have different sizes from small to extra large. Many finishes to suit your decor. In denim, in mint color, color butter, pink, color imitation fishbones, red and&# 160; black.

richmond as poodle

&# 160;

  • In photo 3, a dogs they seem socialite, as fresh from the hairdresser canine Wink, sharing a nice sofa&# 160; in chocolate.&# 160; Richmond is the model, imitation leather sofa that can fit in any living room.
  • The sofa has a sturdy solid wood legs. You have it in different sizes to choose the most suitable for your dog.

&# 160;


&# 160;

  • Pictured 5 a sofa fashion, striped in bright colors, bright pink, red, turquoise, lime green and&# 160; White. Small on top you can see other more glamorous models in conventional panther print type and pink. The sofa serves the same for dogs and cats. A piece of furniture that will give colorful wherever you put it.


  • In photo 5, a sofa bed orthopedic dog with reinforced foam. The mattress has perfectly fits the contour of dog with memory effect.
  • Have a head designed for the dog You can snuggle. The sofa is designed not to sink or make lumps. You can put anywhere and no one can think of is a sofa for dogs. Available in different colors like buff, olive green, color wine, oyster color or charcoal. Full fashion colors.

hampton black lab&# 160;

  • Pictured 6, it looks like a dog "President" sitting in his chair in the office. A model in black synthetic leather with wood legs. It is the Hampton model. It is designed with high quality materials. It carries a special anti spots. He wears a removable cushion soft suede finish.

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