Duvets and duvet covers for children in Ikea

We have often spoken in Espaciohogar about Ikea, one of the shops of home decor and most important in the world and where we find all kinds of furniture and decorative items. On this occasion, we will focus on textiles household items such as sheets and quilts with children's designs.

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Duvets and duvet covers for children in Ikea

Ikea has a very cool child section and I recommend that you visit a lot if you are creating a bedroom for little kids. It is not that you go to buy but that you can get ideas on how you can create different and attractive spaces for children.

That said, focusing on the textiles for small, They have a variety of designs d duvets and duvet covers that you can quite make things easier.

Ikea prepares for this year very special quilt proposals that add color and warmth to the child's bedroom. What is it about? Are very beautiful, colorful and cheerful themed quilts since it is designed for smaller, it is quite likely to end up happy with them.

It should be added that most models, if not all, are Duvet covers allowing us to choose what we like, with respect to patterns and colors, and is much easier to care. That is, we can wash it as often as we and you can have both winter and summer, then remove the stuffing and have a super thin quilt.

Not forget that children often stain the bed frequently, So if you find yourself with a dirty or stained quilt peeing it is easier if this has a cover and separate the filling. It will be as easy as cleaning the jacket in the washer and then even dry stuffing.

Quilts for children in Ikea, have all kinds of designs. You're already seeing the images that accompany this post you have  geometric designs &# 8211; Very colorful cubes and circles &# 8211; to quilts with horizontal stripes or squares that give a very nice effect to bed.

Also we find in Ikea some other models of highly decorative quilts with animal designs &# 8211; such as flowers or clocks, for example &# 8211; and other very nice prints.

Ikea is used to fill the house every season with the latest trends signature and, in the case of children's quilts, can choose models with designs in which princesses, knights, rockets, trains and various animals are the stars.

You will not find quilts TV characters or sold in any other store, but they have a much more special design and best of all, thanks to all those bright colors can buy a quilt (cover + padding) that matches matching curtains, with a carpet in the same styles or sheets even, they have the same drawing.

We can buy covers to place a not very thick padding, although the ideal density to provide the necessary heat, and allow us to put it under the mattress. As much as the child moves, it will not open at any time.

Covers and children's quilts are also Ikea 100% cotton on the outside so we can be sure that they are not harmful to the skin of babies and children either for example, have allergies or atopic skin.

To this we also add now we want to give you some tips that you may know What is the best quilt that you can choose for your children.

Choosing child quilt

pick-edredon child-de-ikea
Choose a good quilt for your children is to find a model that meets its primary function and this will, of providing heat overnight to the kids.

To do this, you'll probably go for Nordic models, which are light and fluffy. You can buy them from natural or synthetic filler and although it depends on whether you prefer a stuffed down duvet (or down) or a polyester fiberfill must say that la better option in the case of children is to bet on the synthetic.

Why it is easy to say that synthetic duvets and shelter, are lightweight but mainly we machine washed without problem, something with which carry natural filler is not possible and we have to take it to the laundry.

On the other hand, Notice also the grammage, ie the density filler. Usual for children's quilts is that we buy about 150 grams per square meter so that will hold them if the room temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees. If you take lower weight may be cold and if it is very high (can reach 500 grams) may spend too much heat.

Duvets and duvet covers for children in Ikea 2017

Here we show the rest of duvets you can find in store for this year 2017:

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If you are looking for more models of children's quilts to choose for this winter season we leave this video with other designs.

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