ethnic paintings

Ethnic Paintings, Africa, Asia, Polynesia islands like Hawaii or Jamaica. Create your own living room or bedroom ethnicity, with pictures full of color. In you more about ethnic cadres.


Ethnic paintings


Decorating the walls of any room is part of the first impression of the house. A living room with walls in ivory or white color can change with an ethnic box in blue, yellow or red colors. The ethnic paintings reflect scenes from other cultures, such as Africa, China, the Tropics, India, Ceylon.

ethnic paintings

Paul Gauguin the famous post impressionist nineteenth century painter lived in Polynesia and immortalized its tropical landscapes. Picture ethnic full of color and primitivism, with rounded shapes.

After World War I Art Deco looks colorful and exotic. Ethnic paintings burst into the decoration as a symbol of glamor and modernity.

krishna-in-dwarka-tussar-silk-painting ethnic paintings

Chinese and Japanese paintings are minimalist style trend. Pictures with bright colors where red dominates the white and black. Indian drawings which is represented in detail scenes of mythology. Radha Hindu gods, Ganesha, Saraswati.

Ethnic paintings in threes you can use them to decorate the walls and give an appearance of asymmetry.

In groups of 4 tables give an example of order and balance.

Different ethnic paintings

Decorated with ethnic paintings

If you visited a country that impacted you and bought a painting or ethnic recorded You can use it to decorate. In many countries you can find local artists selling their paintings or engravings. Some people like to show their experiences home.

Choose frames according to the predominant colors It is a tendency to make the picture stand out or be integrated into a whole. In the table below you have a wide variety of colors to match the decor. Orange, pink, lavender, spearmint, lime green.

A picture can totally change the look of a wall. If you decide to picture ethnic remember it being very colorful best combined with solid colors with patterned curtains or upholstery. If different embossing patterns, it can be a recharged stay.

Paintings inspired by Aztec or Mayan drawings, ancient civilizations that have left their cultural legacy. Representations of animals in vivid colors ideal to wear on a wall of the room.

Ajijic Plaza- Aztec repro2

Paintings inspired by nature, scenic areas ethnics. He table below is titled Walk Edisto and the author is Ölfus Hampton Jr


You can also find ethnic pictures in neutral colors like in the drawing below It combines olive gray with a beige, almond branch and an inscription in Chinese. Such more discrete frames are perfect for grouping in twos or threes on a wall ivory.

four_monks_in_the_history_of_chinese_painting443a532b1da9c5014ead bucolic scenes in the field portraying customs and ways of other countries They can be also represented in the ethnic cadres.

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Video ethnic painting:


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