What is the best orientation for your home?

Choosing a home or a house in which to live is something that some people are somewhat complicated, although not only we have to fix in their square meters or its main features, but also it is also important for them the power to know what it is well targeted. Espaciohogar now see the best orientation for your home.

If we are lucky to know how to build a house, or indeed we can change all available modifying their planes , sure we can &# 8220; leverage&8221; better the concept of having a home that also has a good orientation.

The best orientation for a household:

  • Do not is that there a good or bad orientation when have a house, because depending on the geographical area in which you live and if the weather is more or less hot, we can choose one or the other to thereby take advantage of its benefits and our preferences.
  • Thus, if we live in south for example, I must say that the house will receive greater amount of sunlight during midday strip, so it is perhaps a good home in the winter because it will stay warm, but you can become a &8220; oven&8221; in summer.
  • If we live in north, we will receive little natural light or direct light, as this will be more subdued and diffused so if you want a home that stays fresh in areas that are very hot is better to give guidance hacie north.

Facing south and north:

  • From what we have explained, we can say that the key will be guiding walls and windows towards the north or south depending on whether we want to have a home that is more or less hot.
  • If we live in a cold zone, and in which we have just light it is essential that the windows above are available to the south to receive as much direct light, and for those rooms that we will use more. Instead we will use stays less is better than the orient north.
  • If you live in a very hot area, always we have to look fresh and above all that sunlight is not among us very directly. Is better then windows are oriented housing northward.

Facing east and west:

  • As for orientation east or west we can say it will be somewhat less &8220; radical&8221; or be more regulated while the housing which lie to the east They can come to receive most sun during early morning hours and noon and then stay almost dark in the day.
  • As for the homes that are oriented towards the west, we have to say they have more light concentrated from midafternoon and when it falls, so they will be much cooler in summer homes, but simultaneously also be much colder when winter comes.
  • In addition, it must be said that the incidence of the sun is higher on the facade of the houses are oriented east and west that are oriented towards or facing north or south.

Given a rule that is not always true, and that has to do with the idea of ​​South: light north: less light, we can say that whatever the area where we live is always better to bet on an orientation south of the busiest rooms in the house as the living room or bedroom, and to the north the less we use.

I leave video on orientation of the houses:

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