Where I can get foam for upholstering?

Make yourself at home, or be able to fix or repair any furniture, it is something that will always be linked to being able to easily acquire the necessary materials. Although in principle not because we have a lot of problems to acquire what we need for the home, we do not always know where to buy them, as in the case of foams for upholstery. Espaciohogar you answer the question, Where I can get foam for upholstering? Y I talked addition foams sofas which can lead to confusion if you do not know exactly what they are.


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Where I can get foam to upholster


The Upholstered foam is a type of foam that is used as filling base for those upholstered furniture, such as chairs, a footrest, etc&# 8230; It is light, soft and although you may not believe is much used for all kinds of stuffed furniture outside. We can buy it in specialty furniture stores, but also sold in markets (now I explain in greater detail), but you have to know how they are, what they are exactly and how to use them.

The epuma to upholster or foam sofa is a foam type is known as foam or polyurethane foam rubber and although it is very resistant not only we find that upholster furniture, but also is used to make mattresses (and even some toys have it as a component).

That is why if you are looking for this type of foam to repair a chair or to make an upholstered furniture for example, can found in everything other specialty stores selling mattresses and rest. Sometimes you can find in some hardware stores or markets of furniture and its price is not very expensive (usually around 8 or 10 euros for fairly large chunks).

Normally the foam is in the large (and rolled) so we buy according to their thickness and density square meter. When you buy only must we ask the measure we need and they will not cut it. we recommend you to buy a slightly bigger piece than necessary so that when filling we find a small piece than or leave the seat or furniture to fill in voids.

Sometimes we can also find this foam in stores where Upholstery fabrics sold. If you bought a cloth in one of these stores because surely question you may sell the foam.

On the other hand from the foam polyurethane which I have mentioned we can buy different types of foams for sofas and see below.

Choosing the foam to upholster:


The main difference that we find in the polyurethane foam will be in the density and will have a greater or lesser thickness.

That is why if we have a sample, however small, we need foam Always choose one that allows us to place it on the furniture reupholstered, without being present difficulties of cover or upholster fact.

On the other hand there are different formulas when making this foam, so we can choose which we last longer possible, or having a cheaper price, which are more breathable, which are more or less insulation or be molded easily or do not.

Foam sofas:


If we go deep into the different types of foam sofas We can give as an example or sample several options that are often the most sold.

  • Foaming 20kg / m3 Suave: Low density foam. Commonly used to fill mattresses that bear little weight and loveseats that are simple.
  • Foaming 25kg / m3 Extra Firm: Medium density foam. It is used to fill firm mattresses and sofas as leather for example. Especially suitable for higher weight since it is more resistant and also a little harder.
  • HR 30kg / m3 SuaveThis is a type of foam or high-density foam, for any type of weight, providing a break soft, Flexible and durability in all kinds mattresses. Also for seats of chairs, armchairs and sofas all kinds.
  • HR 35kg / m3 Firm: Foaming high density, for any type of weight, providing a break firm, Flexible and durability both mattresses and armchairs and sofas that are large or the type &# 8220; chaise longue&8221; for example.

How to use and apply the foam to upholster:


Once you have chosen the foam to upholster will be time to dedicate ourselves to filling will upholstering furniture you want.

Whether a sofa, mattress, or any type of chair can fill ourselves having purchased foam. You may think that this is a laborious and expensive process but once the foam may have a good cuter to cut only be need to fill patiently and slowly.

We know that the foam is sofas &8220;filling&8221; what give consistency and basis cabinet, so once we have assembled parts &8220; skeleton&8221; of that furniture and have begun to attach the fabric to upholster, we &8220; fill&8221; with the foam in question. It will be much easier to fill in when the furniture is assembled and all you have to do is change the old foam, broken and mashed with a new one.

We need to ensure clean leave the furniture inside, although it have to disassemble the furniture in question, place the new and ready. I know I say this as something simple but the truth is that anyone can do. Like it shows I leave this explanatory video so you can see what I mean.

Video how to upholster foam for sofas:

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