How to divide rooms in a bedroom

Recently as we show in Espaciohogar how to divide environments modern and sophisticated way, which allows us to separate corners of the same space and we can be very useful in case you want to divide the atmosphere of our bedroom on the we can get to have different decorative styles. Here we give you tips and ideas to divide rooms into a bedroom.

split bedrooms spaces

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  1. Divide rooms for a small bedroom
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Divide rooms for a small bedroom

bed shelf

  • Increasingly small spaces and bedrooms are given in homes and are of a size we have to make the most of every square meter of our disposal so we can divide the room for example our room colocando shelves as we see in this picture.
  • It is a module shelves on one hand allows us to have a leisure space, while the other allows us to have our space with bed rest as a protagonist.


  • Even a good idea to divide rooms in a small bedroom, it may be the fact that coloquemos dressing as we see in this image.


  • The idea, of course, suggests us Ikea, something that specialize in decorating spaces reduced in size. To achieve separate rest room, the bed, the dressing, the closet, They have chosen to place the structure of the dressing room behind the bed so that it is us like a false covers still space for clothes and dress passage wall.

Curtains separate

  • Downside of small and specifically of the bedrooms spaces is that we often have the feeling that all furniture, shelves, wardrobe, etc&# 8230; are stuck with each other and obviously we saturation can even be uncomfortable in our own room is perceived.
  • The idea of ​​placing a curtain to separate environments It is something you can work and actually even allow us to not see everything so saturated. You can use, for example, as shown in the picture, the desk or dressing room and when you do not, hide it under the curtain so that you see the bed and little else.

Divide environments for a large bedroom


  • If you have a large bedroom we will be somewhat easier to divide environments. It's a matter of thinking ideas that allow us to make the most of space and thus we can choose for example put furniture for TV but allow us to separate bed space, and create another to have a kind of small room within the bedroom.

sliding walls

  • And if you have a lot of space you can still choose the option of sliding walls, and that not only allow you to divide rooms, but also can create different spaces in the same bedroom. You can get as we see in this photo, create a &8220; office&8221; and a dressing room or move the two walls on the same side and so that the entire space is shared by one.

Divide environments Dormitory


  • On the other hand we sometimes need to take home a shared bedroom and that usually occurs among children or adolescents if we have several children. A good idea to divide the ambience of this type of bedroom will be placing shelves like these in the middle of espacip (Ikea can find very similar models to those that these I show) so that you will achieve to have two rooms in one or have several rooms in the same space.


  • also curtains They will be a very good idea when separate rooms in shared dormitories. They can cost little money is relatively easier to place them and also the can found in such bright colors that are ideal for both children and youth bedrooms.


  • And for siblings of different ages, and have to share a bedroom or a games room we can divide the room placing a fence. They are placed simply and It will allow both have their space with their own toys and without one lame the other and vice versa.

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