How to repair a broken shutter and tape step by step

With the passage of time and daily use of blinds is very normal to break or deteriorate and touch you fix them. In this article we explain how to repair a blind and tape step by step lest ye might have to call to have it fixed you. Come with!

Before repairing a blind

The blinds are used every day and it is normal to have many years that eventually break down and fail but before put you to arrange a blind or call for you the fix, it is very important to find out exactly what is broken.

The first reviews the operation of the blind, Take a few minutes to look in detail how the mechanism works. The most common failures are ribbon, lamas and dustpan tape.

Materials and tools to fix a shutter

To arrange a blind, depending on what has been broken, you require different materials and tools that we are going to discuss.

Materials to fix a shutter

The seven material key that you need to arrange a blind are:

  1. A new tape
  2. Bodkin
  3. Lamas (several)
  4. Topes for blinds
  5. cloth
  6. an embellisher
  7. Dustpan tape to change

Tools to fix a shutter

And to fix the shade with materials that I have discussed above you require these seven tools.

  1. A flat screwdriver and another star
  2. Screwdriver (if better electrical)
  3. Scissors
  4. Knife
  5. Tongs
  6. Flexómetro

How to repair a broken shutter and tape step by step

Now we come to the most important, the steps to repair the blind, we are going to explain how to do so to be as simple as possible and may be able to do it yourself.

Join us and discover the easiest way to a shutter repair broken tape and step.

Dismount the blind

In eight simple steps will be able to disassemble the blind. The first thing you have to do is remove the case from the drawer of the blind and Withdraw the old tapes.

Dismount the collector of the blind and for that you have to unscrew the screws but do not waste. Then the release point belt anchorage, you can help with pincers that I have commented on the tools.

Now you have to remove all the tape of the blind, a very common fault is the unevenness of the shaft, comprobadlo because that can cause the shutter is wound wrong. The shaft will have to remove, clean and remove the cloth tape in the anchor is in the roller.

Finally, if the axle brackets are old or broken places new ones, in the same place to keep the level.

Lama replace one another

This is easier in two steps that shall be ready. Maybe some lama is spoiled or broken, in this case it is best to substitute one for another.

You only have to pull one side of the blade until the extraigáis of the blind, now have to put a lama of the same color and measurement. This way you will have the blind slats perfect.

Install a new tape

For installing a new tape you have to be attentive to these eight steps. Once you've cleaned the inside of the shade and have changed the broken or damaged lamas, we must replace the shade inside.

Start by putting it in the drawer, rolled and final slat have to fit the clip axis. Once we have this, now it screwing the tapes on the shaft.

Before putting the tape on the upper pasacintas, measured from the support to the base of the box and multiplied by three to determine how much tape you require.

As a tip we tell you before placing the entire tape id checking the blind moves up and down easily, if not will have made a mistake.

Dustpan new tape

Finally we focus on tape catcher, but we started with the trim catcher depending on whether it is right or wrong we will replace or re-shape. Given that'll put the tape on the bezel.

The tape of the blind have to bring it through the pasacintas picker. At the end of the tape you have to bend some centimeters and with scissors make a small cut and metedlo in the nip pulley.

Finally place the lid of the box and go up and get off the shutter to check it properly.

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