Rustic Receivers photos that you will love

Rustic Receivers photos that you will love: rustic hallways, photos, natural woods, Provencal air, romantic&# 8230; We have many ideas for you.

The rustic decor Its main element wood. A wood that, if possible, must have a natural look as possible, both in color and in the sight of the veins or may feel in tact.

Therefore, when talking about rustic foyers, you will see that the vast majority &# 8211; if not all &# 8211; of the photographs that we are going to show the wood element predominates in their greeters.

Another important thing to note is that this rustic style has to combined with the rest of the decor of the house, which has a sort of harmony between the different rooms. That said, you can find combinations of different styles such as vintage furniture with rustic touches, rustic furniture but with very modern dyes, or industrial design with wood elements that combine well if you know, you can be a very interesting decor.

Everything greeters rustic wood?

We were already mentioned above that the wood will be the predominating but does not have to be the only element that will help you create a rustic hall. What's more, you can combine wood with other elements to enhance feeling of nature.

For example, you can create rustic greeters with natural fibers such as rattan, bamboo, wicker and use woods like pine, cedar, oak, wenge, ash. Also adding fabrics, curtains or sheers, decorative plants and flowers give your home a Provencal touch.

Depending on the elements used, and even the type of wood you choose, you are going to enjoy more or less intense colors. This is important to consider to add some or other decorative elements, it is always important to bring light to a receiver.

rustic vintage greeters

Previously we mentioned that you can match different styles to create your own, well, in this picture you can see how a largely rustic decor (stone roof, wooden doors combined and soil&# 8230;) with a furniture with a retro style important.

Notice that these units could be used in any room but have been placed in the hall, after having given them a new and renewed Blue paint to change completely.

This is exactly what you can do in your home, it is important to always believe a space that is your, with which you feel comfortable and you will find it useful.

Rustic foyers: Storage

One of the great classics that can be found in the foyers is take advantage of the space to place a storage area coats or articles they are only used on the outside.

For example, in this hall we can see a doorless closet where coats are hung. We could easily imagine an umbrella stand nearby and so have everything ready for every exit and entrance to the house.

Importantly, the fact that the wardrobe does not have doors creates the feeling that the area is wider. This is critical when it comes to small spaces.

Rustic foyers: flowers

The flowers and plants They are one of the key elements in any hall because it creates a more pleasant feeling, a welcoming environment that seems relaxing and welcoming home.

The most interesting of this decorative element is that you can find many ways to include in your receiver (glass vases or porcelain, decorative pots, hanging plants&# 8230;) and you can find plenty of plants to do so.

You can choose to natural flowers, knowing you're going to always have to go renewing or buy some that are treated; You can choose to purchase a plant, but it is important that you reach natural light, or can purchase artificial flowers there are some that seem natural to how well they are made.

Rustic foyers: shelves

If you want to create a different hall rather choose to place a table or a piece of furniture in this space, you can choose to place shelves or bars along the wall.

It has some advantages. First, the novelty that is it is not the most common choice. Second, placing different tables allows us create a very useful space where we can place decorative items or items that we are most passionate, gaining space and creating something functional.

modern rustic greeters

For those who're looking greeters rustic but with modern lines, more practical but still being rustic inspiration and wood, an interesting option is this type of furniture.

In the area of ​​northern Portugal and is very typical to find them in the village fairs, as do traditional way and not expensive for the work they do. This would be one of the basic models we can find, where wood is still the main element, sconces used are simple and usually accompanied by a mirror with a matching frame.

Rustic foyers percheros

Forget the typical rack and bet some of your homegrown, can reuse old furniture or wood to create a rustic coat rack with vintage but innovative touches.

As you see in this picture, you can create a coat rack hall very cool area whenever you optéis by wooden elements, as will be ideal for rustic decor that we're talking about.

In the event that you may have to buy a new wooden table, you can give it a aged effect paint, sandpaper or with a darker glaze.

Important also hooks have to have that rustic effect, so you can choose aluminum or iron hooks in black color, or if you want to give more colorful you not miss the opportunity to purchase porcelain doorknobs for drawers and include them instead of the typical hooks.

Rustic foyers photos

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