More than 25 photos of dry gardens design

Having a dry garden seems to have become one of the latest trends in what gardens are concerned, so if you think renew the exterior of your house, either the terrace or garden we show below, more than 25 photos of dry landscaped gardens.

dry gardens Design

Before proposals show you designs dry gardens have to explain what this term refers.

A dry garden design will be a garden in which the elements presented remember many of the Zen-style gardens or you you can also remind the landscapes of the Old West.

Thus, in a dry garden we will find many elements like stones, gravel or plants that do not require much water. In addition, in all of them we can find dedicated designs and where the attention to detail.

Decorating a dry garden

Given that a dry garden and a Zen garden are actually the same, or have a very similar concept, we can find various design ideas we are going to be very inspiring.

For example from the pictures that we showed, certainly you begin to find some inspiration to get your dry garden, but we can also say you have to give priority to everything other stone paths, areas where the gravel or earth is the protagonist and of course, plants or shrubs bonsai to serve our dry garden &8220; view&8221; also with the beauty of its green color.

Dry garden soil or sand

The earth element is really important when it comes to talk of a dry garden. In a garden of the features we see now the lawn does not have too much space. So that the floor is usually covered with sand or earth.

We got our garden and have a really dry appearance, although we can make some design if we put bushes around corners, or hedges, or if we add other elements such as stones.

In this other image we see again as the sand is the protagonist in the oriental-style gardens, which ultimately are dry gardens that we want to show in this post.

Stylish in Japan have a garden in which further &# 8220; Play&8221; with sand, and figures, circles or drawings ultimately relax us form. We can bet on a similar idea and using our dry sand garden to relax.

The use of stones in a dry garden

With sand or earth, stones is one of the main elements in dry gardens so do not hesitate to bet on them now.

In fact, If we have stones that are of different colors and sizes, we can elaborate garden designs that are as beautiful as we see above.

We also have the option of mixing elements and thus. You can see for example how well will we use sand which I already mentioned, along with some rocks and some other plant dry.

As you can see also see how dry gardens can be large or also have the option to be small.

In this other image we show a dry garden design, we can see as well as this type of garden you can integrate it into a garden &# 8220; Normal&8221; or conventional.

In this way, We can reserve a piece of garden or land to provide our garden design dry mixed with the use of the lawn.

On the other hand, we can even make the dry garden is a mere detail in our garden or terrace and so, place a few stones, mixed with granite or gravel for a minimalist design that will really be very flattering if you want it our garden can mix several designs at a time.

Thus we can look at the layout above. A dry garden on one side, next to a garden lawn that forms the rest of the field.

The dry garden plants

Bushes outside or choosing bonsais for your dry garden design, we need to talk about the different types of plants that can be placed on them.

Thus, one of the first that I will be recommending the margaritas as they adapt to any terrain, any weather and when they bloom color and style add much to our garden.

Bamboo is another plant that we put on our dry garden. In fact it would be the most representative plants of dry gardens, which will further contribute attributed properties as good luck in the house in which it operates.

Its green color, and is of outstanding size make it well suitable for decorating our dry garden, combining perfectly with other elements such as earth or stones mentioned.

If what you seek are flowers that bring color, as we saw with daisies, we have other types of plants such as poppies, feathery or butterflies that will keep your garden look with as much style as we see above.

Also cactus plants can be placed and which take advantage in case you want to have a dry garden with style.

In addition, we can find cacti of all shapes and sizes so that they can ensure that our garden look more varied than ever.

More than 25 photos of dry gardens design

We have already seen many pictures of dry garden design, but to view the rest will leave them in the next gallery.

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