More than 100 photos Kitchen decor Modern white and gray

spacious and bright white kitchens. The design of the kitchens in recent years has focused on the extent of space, more light reception, straight lines and light colors, and excellence, top designers favorite is white. Therefore, in this article we will focus on the white kitchens, which never go out of fashion even play with new trends in colors but appliances, chairs, tables&# 8230;


spacious and bright white kitchens

Then we will discover the best and most modern designs white kitchens combined with elements, colors and styles. The main advantage of white kitchens is the light and airy feel which occur either in small spaces and large kitchens, which seem even more spacious.

White kitchens are one of the best options:

  • They bring clarity
  • Easy to aesthetically suit any environment
  • They remain in effect over time

A good design cooking depends on the ingenuity in the shape and placement of furniture, so we avoid the coldness that occurs with excess target. It is also very important minimalism, ie, reduce or elements necessary to properly combine and essential.

White Modern kitchens


Today all want to have the most modern kitchen but without forgetting that the bottom line is that is functional, practical and if it can be with a good design. Most of these kitchens, since white fits all, choose furniture in matt or gloss, combined with accessory aluminum or steel. An example of this is this photo.

The walls They are also very good in white matter the type of wall (smooth or tiles) but for floor we recommend you not utilicéis, but colors with shades of white, gray touches, sand&# 8230;

All this to get the main feature of white Kitchens, brightness, for example in small kitchens is the perfect color because it will increase the feeling of spaciousness.

Then we leave a complete gallery of modern kitchens and white as the main color:

Kitchen white and gray


To enhance the angular design Kitchen is best to combine colors such as black, white and gray, By this we mean that the choice of colors is as important as the design and kitchen equipment. To take the right choice of colors we need to consider: color, texture and quality of the components, ie, appliances, furniture and countertop.

Gray is also one of the essential colors for kitchens 2016, and if you think it is a color that is very present especially with appliances and metallic shades.

For example if you get an apparent simplicity with an elegant and beautiful style we recommend that you use everything you are kitchens with white lacquer, granite gray and black glass, to give you an idea we leave the next gallery.

White and Black kitchens


Gray is a color that blends perfectly with white kitchens we've seen, but we can also add also black.

It is perhaps too black tone &# 8220; strong&8221; for choosing a kitchen, we can make it next to the white of the best choices.

In addition white being the great color for kitchens 2016, taking the black that is also imposed as the color trend, there is nothing to have kitchens that both colors bring modernity and style.


If you do not like the black kitchen furniture, or walls, you also have the option to use it as Color floor.

This will get your kitchen also become an ideal place to recreate styles such as &# 8220; retro&8221; or &8220; vintage&8221; that both takes now.

Do not hesitate, and do not think that the black &8220; will eat&8221; light to provide white, in fact might make more space highlight.

we leave a complete photo gallery so you can see new options for these cuisines:

White and Wood kitchens


An element that is clearly in white kitchens is the wood, one of the more fashionable and materials requested by its resistance, finishes and beauty.

No need to be solid wood, because it is more expensive, there are materials such as laminates appears to be, are very nice and strong, this is due to their training in bonded layers of wood and other materials such as paper.

Wood much play in the kitchens, can be combined in many ways, often found in the countertops and usually quartz or Silestone (perfect for kitchens with bright colors or smooth and modern finishes). You can also include in furniture as in the parquet floor.


The wood floor is in fact trend, so can quedaros great as an option for your kitchen in white.

The most innovative wood is the system Gola shooters, shooters are not normal but contain slits of which we throw to open the cabinet. So you can see all the latest in kitchen with wood we leave some pictures.

Small white kitchens


Have a small kitchen It is quite normal but does not have to be a problem, is the site of the house where we spent a lot of time and we want it to be practical, convenient and comfortable. Having little space is often difficult to decorate well, managing to get space furniture, appliances&# 8230; and do not overwhelm be there.

Let's try to get the most out of our kitchen making the ingenuity and creativity within us. For decorating small kitchen we do not overwhelm we let these tips:

  • Take advantage of the light: Light is essential and if you can be the natural much better because it gives breadth to the space. If you do not have a window and we can not create it, we recommend using LED bulbs (consistent and inexpensive light).
  • He White, as stated above, makes the surface appear larger and brightens although we will provide any oil or light color. Painting walls, furniture, cabinets or even on the floor white can be a great idea.
  •   and multipurpose folding furniture They are very useful for small spaces because the spare. For example, a serving table drawer.
  • large and high racking so we can keep an orderly manner multitude of tools and products. This is the most efficient way to optimize space and reap the corners of the kitchen.

With all these tips get the kitchen does not seem so small, taking advantage of all the nooks and also having a good design achieving the goal that is practical, convenient and comfortable.

White kitchens and Aquamarine


You may be interested in other ways to animate a white kitchen, but combine it with another color that fits well in the kitchen What is the latest trend colors for the kitchen? For they are white and aqua or green mint kitchens.

The predominant color of the kitchen can be white but if we add elements in aqua as stools, lamps and walls We get a cheery kitchen and, at the same time cozy and nice.


A kitchen in this shade is ideal for cooking a change made in summer because both tones bring freshness, but we can also choose it as the color for the walls and leave the rest of the kitchen in white as ever.

In the next gallery you will find many images of white and aqua kitchens so that you have many ideas to decorate your kitchen.

White kitchens with minimal elements

Again we talk about the ingenuity to design the kitchen, sloping walls, islands at different heights, black marble&# 8230; these elements characterize the most modern kitchens, seeking peak with the minimum elements.


This idea is open areas such as kitchen and dining room where furniture and appliances are combined, for example on a wall you see a refrigerator between two furniture. Utilizing the space with elements such as island, which usually has a sink and many cabinets equipped with doors and drawers of storage.

The aim is that these cuisines are also very striking and practices, taking advantage of every space to store all products but with minimal elements, because what you want is to have large spaces. In the next gallery you can see all the images of this type of cuisine.

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