Salon paintings: Modern Ideas 2017

There are many decorative ideas we can find for our living, and among them we must mention of course, the fact of applying different colors that are trend and even combined can give spectacular results to our room. Therefore, we speak then of Paintings Salon: Modern Ideas 2017.

SALON paintings modern ideas 2017

Salon paintings: Modern Ideas 2017

There are many ideas that we can find when choosing a good color or paint for our room and although it always seems that ideas that do not go out of fashion as the use of white, to make everything look more spacious and bright, imposing the truth is that today can opt for the color that we like without taking into account as much space as before.

SALON paintings modern ideas

The latest trends in painting for the living room

The key is to know how to combine shades and these are as I said, much more varied than in previous years.

Thus, we can decant by neutrals, which they are trend and white as we are going to allow the feeling of spaciousness is greater. Or we can choose more sober tones or dark, which perfectly matched renovated and upgraded the look of our room.

Let us see if these ideas that surely will convince you to make your living room look like never completely modern and renovated.

Salon paintings: Living gray

SALON paintings modern ideas gray 2017

We can then start with a lounge that is gray, Since this is the tone that seems to prevail among the many innovative proposals for decoration 2017.

Thus, the idea of ​​having a room in a soft gray, to match furniture and a sofa that can be the same color, or similar. You can also combine different shades of gray in the different walls. O combine with white as shown in the following example.

Salon paintings: gray color combined with white

SALON paintings modern ideas 2017 gray and white

On the other hand, we have the option of choosing a salon walls in gray, slightly darker than before, and like the idea of combine it with white It is really spectacular.

Furthermore, if we add some furniture in blue, results in the space look very modern. The mixture of gray and white is especially ben in modern or minimalist rooms and has the advantage of combining with practically all styles and colors.

Paintings Salon: Salon blue

Paints lounge blue modern ideas 2017

I said that neutrals are trend this year, and among the many options you choose this regard, one of the coolest is the soft blue or blue sky.

Thus, if you have a room to decorate in full, only this tone paint can completely change your look. Yes, it is a color that will be fine if the space is large or if we choose to decorate it to a minimum.

Paintings Salon: Salon beige

SALON paintings modern ideas beige 2017

If we continue to see the latest ideas for the classroom neutral paintings, we must also mention as the beige, one color so stronger is betting on it regarding decorating rooms.

Thus, our lounge you can see completely renovated, if we bet for beige or colored &# 8220; egg&8221; as above. Painting a single wall, the ceiling mientra can go blank and furniture will also be the same color. What do you think the example of the image?

Paintings Salon: Salon orange

SALON paintings modern ideas orange 2017

If you are looking for is to have a more intense color in your living room, the variety is wide and among the many trends, perhaps orange is the most current of all.

Must be careful when painting the living room orange because it is a very strong and strident color, which makes the space seem flatter and reduced. Therefore we recommend combining it with white, to dose strength.

Thus, as in the photo above, we can choose to paint a wall of the room a deep orange, leaving the rest white. The idea is that the room is not reduced in space because of the use of that striking color and the result is undoubtedly spectacular.

Salon paintings: ocher Hall

SALON paintings modern ideas ocher 2017

Orange and beige colors are ultimately very similar to ocher tones one of the most currently used in interior decoration. A tone also goes well with other colors like neutral or white color. You could say that orange is the riskiest option, while the beige or ocher are the most conservative (although quite modern anyway).

Salon paintings: Living in earth tones

SALON paintings modern ideas earthy tones 2017

Neutral tones, earth tones, and tones &8220; nude&8221; They imposed for spaces like the bedroom, but we can also decant them if we have to repaint the living room.

You get thus your living room look more elegant than ever, whether decor, modern or eclectic. In addition to the above-tone walls, you can get furniture combined with more intense colors.

As we say, this painting is especially good in rooms decorated more urban style, or even an eclectic and minimalist style.

Salon paintings: Living green

Paints lounge green modern ideas 2017

Green is another trend in decorating colors for this 2017, so your room can be as modern as you see above, if you choose the idea paint the walls a shade of green pretty intense.

Although a large living room is the best choice, the fact is that what we need to know that our room fits well with the green on the walls, without making it look smaller, the ideal is that we paint those walls or nearby wall to window or balcony and sofa furniture and also remain arranged in the direction of natural light between us.

Salon paintings: Living in red

Paints lounge red modern ideas 2017

Following the intense Colours I have to also mention the bet on red. A color that is perhaps too flashy but has become very fashionable salon that also have other colors like the Grey, we can choose both par furniture to the couch.

Yes, beware the shade of red that we choose, because we could end it cansándonos soon as it is a very powerful color.

Salon paintings: Living in brown

SALON paintings modern ideas brown 2017

And a salon in brown? Many paint brands launched every year new shades of this color that ultimately may end up imposing to the walls of our room. Of course, the best option will be to combine the intense brown on the walls with furniture that dand lighter or neutral colors.

Until recently, the brown was totally ruled out if it was paint for the living room. However, as you can see modern decor does not reject any color

Salon paintings: White

Sometimes we believe that for modern and attractive lounge result must be painted some original color. However, the target remains one of the major reference. Why not paint our classroom white?

Of course, the White offers a number of advantages. First, stick with just about everything. The living room furniture may not stick or do not go well with other colors, but they will do with white. others, is a color that transmits, peace, purity and tranquility. To top it off, paint the room white is the best olution if you have a dark room or which does not arrive either sunlight.

So here we defend salon white paint as an option to consider, as topical as it has always been.

Salon paintings: turquoise color combined with white

Good white also is that with everything. We have already seen combinations of white and blue paint that can give the room a special touch. But we can also choose another curious blue tones, such as turquoise we see in the picture below.

This turquoise seems that adds an extra warmth to a cold color like blue and, and that warmth is reflected in the room. If you like a bit special and exotic touches, turquoise could be a good choice for painting your living room.

Salon paintings: purple

We continue with cooler colors, but they are gradually pulling warm. He purple or violet They are colors that, increasingly, are becoming a trend in what refers salon painting.

Although it seems that no, purple is a color that gives you enough life and joy living room and it combines very well with other colors. Of course, we must also consider the type of furniture or decoration we want for the lounge and in some cases would not be too well (for example, not just seen in rustic lounge).

The only downside is that you can put some shades of purple are quite dark and not too recommended use in rooms that do not get too well the light.

Salon paintings: Pink Color

It is always the topic of the pink It is the girls favorite color, and in many cases is true. However, within decoration Banquet It has always opted for other paintings less &8220; nones&8221; or children.

But what if we tell you that you can paint the room pink without looking like a child's room or nursery My dear pony? You can use a tone slightly darker pink, white and combine it with other walls of the room. In this case it is true that paint the entire room this color can be a bit excessive.

In any case, do not discard the pink as the color for your living room if you have any doubts check out some pictures on the internet and grab some ideas and examples you see.

Salon paintings: Yellow color combined with white

He yellow It is usually considered a Color loud and shrill, instead of relaxing he makes us nervous and alert. It is also a young, cheerful and running color. Many people think that yellow is not a nice color to the eye, especially for being surrounded by it in our room. But back to the same as in the example above. Whether or combine in a wise way, it is a very profitable color and, in fact, could become our preferred for the living room.

Salon paintings: garnet Color

He Red It is one of the most chosen for paint colors classroom because it is a warm and inviting color. However, it is also true that there are many types and shades of red, each with its own characteristics.

For example sure there are people who prefer a more discreet and dark red, pulling almost already Garnet. This color is also one of the preferred today for decorating rooms. The best is the touch of elegance and gives satisfaction, without forgetting a touch of warmth and sensuality.

There are countless options for painting our living room. The important thing here is to make the decision considering the furniture we have and feel we want to create in the room.

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