Catalog Bricomart Valencia Massanassa July 2014

If you are one of the people who like to do their own reforms at home, you can now take advantage of the summer to buy Bricomart the best materials and tools with which to renew your home during the holidays. Bricomart has warehouses in different provinces and this time we want to discover you have prepared the catalog for July 2011 and for the people of Valencia Massanassa.

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Catalog Bricomart Valencia Massanassa July 2014

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If you live in Valencia, specifically in areas like Alfafar or Massassana, take advantage of this July to visit the store Bricomart you have very close and will allow to make Best reforms at home really discounted prices.

Maybe you've thought about paint the facade of your house or inside. You may need reform in the bathroom, or change any soil rachola From home. All that and more you have in the new catalog July 2014 Bricomart, so you'll lose your offerings ?.

Bricomart Valencia Massanassa catalog July 2014 | Painting at the best price

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Summer is a good time to paint and especially the month of July. The heat is not as stifling as in August and also in Bricomart have all paints at discounted prices and for all brands.

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Bricomart we can also find it necessary to leave the walls before painting about as putties and then paint with primer. In addition I not want to forget tools like turbines or sanders, with which painting is something really simple this July.

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Bricomart Valencia Massanassa catalog July 2014 | Floors, walls and bathrooms

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For floors offer Bricomart puts the racholas ceramic or stoneware which will allow us even completely renew (very cheap prices boxes), and if you want you can also give it a new look to the bathroom.

Furniture such as those Matiena suspended, shower trays and columns of buckets that save space, doors or water heaters. All you can think to reform your bathroom you have it in Bricomart.

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Bricomart Valencia Massanassa catalog July 2014 | Exterior

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Take advantage now offers catalog Bricomart July to buy in Valencia you need to enjoy your terrace or garden this summer.

Hoses, halogen lights, fans, solar showers, solar beacons or sewage. That your garden does not miss anything to make the most of.

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