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One of the styles that we see today in most interior design focused on kitchens, is the style modern minimalist kitchens. In this article we tell you the best ideas for modern minimalist kitchens, modern minimalist white kitchensRed modern minimalist kitchensmodern minimalist kitchens chocolatesmall modern minimalist kitchensminimalist modern kitchen with island.

modern minimalist kitchens

If you're thinking about changing the look of your kitchen and want to make it much simpler, but much more attractive time, we recommend you take a look at all these ideas modern minimalist kitchens we bring.


Although the colors that predominate in modern minimalist kitchens are neutral colors like white, black, gray, Y dark tones (As you see in the picture above), if you want to give more light to your kitchen, we suggest you choose neutral colors combined with a color contribution vitality the furniture, as you see in the picture below with blue color.


However, if you want elegant and sober minimalist modern kitchens, You can also decantarte darker colors, such as dark wood combined with black and gray, as you see in the picture below. This makes your kitchen look more serious and somewhat smaller, but also more elegant. You can give a different touch in some detail in a bright color, such as a cookware or flowers to give room.


You can see more photos of modern minimalist kitchens:

modern minimalist white kitchens

One of the most widely used modern minimalist kitchens color is white. Modern minimalist white kitchens offer much more light and also make our space look much bigger. They can give us a problem to clean (white color, and light colors are generally much dirtier) that if we find a darker color.


If you do not like Modern minimalist white kitchens completely, you can combine with other colors like metallic. And if you want white furniture stand out above all, you can put on a dark ground, like black, and look great.


However, if you want to keep modern minimalist white kitchens as completely white, You can even go around the kitchen of a white environment, like curtains. Below you can see an example. How about?


You can see more photos of white modern minimalist kitchens:

modern minimalist kitchens chocolate

One of the trendy colors in interior design, color is chocolate. This color has become so fashionable for its functionality and how well we can combine it with other colors. It also produces an effect of sobriety in any space where you choose. Therefore, we are seeing more minimalist modern kitchens chocolate.


If you do not want to make your kitchen look too dark, but you like modern minimalist kitchens chocolate, you can combine this with other lighter colored. In the example below you can see how they combine with pearl gray, White Y beige.


You can see more photos of modern minimalist kitchens chocolate:

Red modern minimalist kitchens

Other of the most typical modern minimalist kitchens that we will meet any decorating magazine, are the Red modern minimalist kitchens. The color red has always been present in decorating kitchens and returned to the fray with the minimalist decor and retro, since the red is closely associated with the 60s and 70s.


Although the most typical combination of modern minimalist kitchens red is red and white, it is increasingly fashionable combine with other neutral colors like the black and gray, even with the beige for a touch more vivid and clear.


If you do not like red modern minimalist kitchens because ever give all the furniture in your kitchen red, you can choose to give a red twist on some details. For example, in the picture below you can see how the minimalist kitchen is mostly black, it has some appliances in red chairs and table. That's great left!


You can see more photos of red modern minimalist kitchens:

modern and minimalist small kitchens

If you do not have much space, quiet because the minimalist kitchens will be your salvation. Here we have all the secrets about modern and minimalist small kitchens. We will teach various styles so you can choose the one that goes with your style.


One of the things you better come with modern and minimalist small kitchens is that the main part of these kitchens is not having things by not too much furniture, so if you have little space, this option suits you a lot.


Another thing you should also keep in mind regarding modern and minimalist small kitchens, is that everything we have in our kitchen has to be functional and we must also make the most of space. In the picture above you can see how a small space can serve to place a round table and very nice for breakfast or even to eat. In the picture below we see how we have used to throw a wall to join two environments through a bar.


You can see more photos of minimalist modern kitchens and small:

minimalist modern kitchen with island

Finally, we did want to teach modern minimalist kitchen with island. These kitchens are really practical because They help us to have more space cooking and somewhere else for breakfast, lunch or dinner. American Bar or the island, is very typical and we are in the most minimalist modern kitchens.


Best of minimalist kitchen with island, we can build the island according to seize more space. For example, we can choose circular spiral designs, as we see below, other more square or even rectangular. Like we can choose the size of the island, if you want it to be shorter or longer, wider or narrower.


You can see more photos of modern minimalist kitchen with island:

Photos modern minimalist kitchens

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