How to set the table on Valentine’s Day 2018

The Valentine's Day is just around the corner and as soon we will be deeply involved in this celebration we want avanzaros how to set the table on Valentine's Day and thus know how to hit with all the details on the most romantic day of the year .


How to set the table on Valentine's Day 2018


Depending on how you want to decorate our table Valentine depending on whether it will be something intimate or formal evening, the possibilities for decoration on this day they are are varied.

Therefore we know what direction we want to give dinner either a very romantic table which is not lacking flowers and candles, while on the other hand, can choose a table that is simple or minimalist, with a single candle.

Choose colors for Valentine table


The best thing to hit when setting the table on Valentine's choose colors like red or white for the tablecloth and napkins.

In this way we will be able to choose a cutlery and a table centerpiece that is similar shades or color silver which always looks good on this occasion.

Table candles for Valentine


The Candles can be a good choice but do them better than if it is a Valentine's dinner and not a meal and we have to remember that we must never place scented candles as these could influence the flavors of the food we are relishing.

As for the size of these depends on how the table itself, and how much we want to put candles.

Thus sometimes a center with two or three large candles or a candelabra, is perfect, but if we have a large table we can form a heart with several small candles.

Table flowers for Valentine


The Flowers are also a good decorative element table for Valentine's Day. We can choose a centerpiece that bear in mind though better than nothing big.

As I imagine your lunch or dinner Valentine will have a first and second course plus dessert, dish placed first over the second and the first. Do not forget to also add a drink for drink and one for the cava or champagne.

If you want to add a detail that is romantic try to place a simple rose on each plate. You see how you looks great and your partner very much surprised.


In case that Valentine celebration is several couples at one table, opt for a decoration that is not too flashy but where these flowers or candles, and colors like red also are.

Crockery and cutlery for Valentine

Fine place setting

Fine place setting

We have already mentioned what kind of tablecloth we have for our table Valentine, but vitally important will be the choice of cutlery and crockery.

Thus if we put a red tablecloth, place a white crockery will be the best choice, while a good white tablecloth, You are combined with a tableware red, for example, or black.


Refering to cutlery, obviously a good cutlery silver will be the best option, but if the budget is tight, one of stainless steel.

Do not forget Valentine table must be complete and it can not miss neither knife nor fork and spoon dessert. If you also serve dinner some soup or consomme, you must add a spoon for it.

Centerpieces for Valentine


The final element for Valentine table so we can say we have succeeded in this regard, will choose a good centerpiece.

To do this, we can choose to make one with our own hands or buy one that is already done. If you go for the first option, you may need essential items like candles or flowers.

Anyway the choices are many, so aside and candles, we can mention other items such as vases, trays, glass containers.

These also can be filled to the above, but may further include stones, beads or even a jellybeans.

If you want to make a good centerpiece for Valentine's Day 2018, I tuned because we now offer all the guidelines to make the best of all.

Make a centerpiece step


Let's see how you can make this center for decorating your table this Valentine's Day and as you can guess it's really easy to get as ye shall have done in two minutes.

All you need for your centerpiece will be a Valentine how many rose petals (or other similar flower), a tall vase or a glass that is long, and little else.

Fill the base each vase or each glass (you can make a couple or three so as to occupy more space in the center) with Water.

Now placed inside a handful of petals so that it is we like the picture. It is best to do right before we start dinner so the petals are not too wet or provoke remaining &8220; drowned&8221; in the background.

You can also add some other candle, which need not be too large and will place next to the vases or vase.

Photogallery tables Valentine:

Now we have explained how you can organize your table Valentine, but if you want to find new ideas, we leave this complete photo gallery that is really inspiring.

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