Catalog 2017 kitchens Bricomart

Choose kitchen is not anything. This is one of the main rooms of the house, it is where they usually spend enough time preparing meals and is also a convivial place where you can have breakfast or lunch with family or our partner.

It is important to consider certain aspects when deciding on the furniture, to start must be clear what budget we. If we are looking for cheap kitchens, we can use Bricomart, which it has a extensive catalog where we can find all kinds of styles, qualities and prices.

-Modular-kitchens Bricomart

Kitchen catalogs Bricomart

These are the five aspects that are key when opting for an installation or other:

Room size

How many square meters is the stay? If we look at the kitchens of Bricomart we see that there are sets of very different sizes and dimensions to fit the space we have available.

-Cheap-cookers Bricomart

Furniture and appliances you want to include

Dishwasher, oven, microwave, tumble dryer&# 8230; on the other hand, top shelves, storage below, cupboard, etc. It should be clear what we consider essential and based on that choose pieces that make up this part of your home.


I use that will give

There are people who just step on this space, you just use it to prepare breakfast or heat precooked. Others enjoy cooking and love to wear the apron. Be aware of how far we will take advantage and based on that choose how to furnish this part of the house.


Distribution based on the structure of the room and the meters at our disposal. There must be clear how we're going to 'deliver' the furniture, taking into account fundamental aspects such as where electrical outlets and water -For washing machine, refrigerator, stove, among others or if we are put dining table.



fundamental budget with which account, as reseñábamos. Some prioritize find cheap kitchens and others take precedence quality over price. In the catalog Bricomart kitchen there is everything for everyone.


Bricomart kitchens: kitchen furniture

The company sells this equipment household in two ways: in kit, ie, a pack mode with all the parts included; modules, to get as equip the kitchen, so to speak, on the basis of size, needs, tastes and preferences. In both cases the Bricomart kitchens offer a wide price range.

Bricomart kitchens: sinks


The choice of sinks It is important. To begin with we must go for durable, resistant materials and not easily damaged. Then there is the choice if we want to single, double -lavabos two breasts to baratas-, or one breast and drainer kitchens. Both options can be found in the catalog of the firm.


Bricomart kitchens: taps

The taps Kitchen has numerous references to find one that best suits by design and price. They are the mixers, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, and bimandos.


Bricomart kitchens: kitchen units

He modular assembly It is perfect for customizing kitchens. It should be clear structure we want, the measurements of the room and based on this furniture are selected and then the assembly is done.


Catalog 2017 kitchens Bricomart

Bricomart kitchens 2017: May catalog

Bricomart just launched a 2017 special kitchens, special baths along with where you are going to be able to find all articles for this stay home with their features and prices, so you can select the most suitable for your home kitchen.

In this catalog you will see do you cook made with different materials, countertops, fixtures kitchen cabinets, sinks, faucets, hoods and decorative hoods, cooktops, ovens, pavements and coatings, along with bricobombazos that you can come in handy.

You can see everything in detail by clicking below:

Bricomart kitchens 2017: annual catalog

Annual brochure we have rescued Bricomart section kitchens so you can see all the new features that will be present this season. Photographs along with their prices and a brief description so you can go adelantándote and seeing if they would be an interesting option for you.

In this catalog you'll be able to see the different cuisines they have (both modular and kit) along with other essential items for this part of the home such as appliances and faucets. In other sections of the article, which can be viewed by clicking here &# 8220; Bricomart 2017 Annual Catalog&# 8220 ;, you can find the necessary tools to perform the work.

To see this section Catalogue, all you need is click on the following image and will appear in magazine format:

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