Bauhaus catalog 2017 nautical

He nautical catalog Bauhaus 2017 It is intended for all those who will enjoy the sea, since you are going to find a wide variety of items related to water sports and leisure time in the water.

Those who do not go to tread the Beach but that you have thought to give a dip in rivers or pools -natural or artificial &# 8211; you may also find them products that you can be useful to enjoy the experience.

For those who have not may know Bauhaus, Store is a German who lives in Spain where you can find all kinds of items related to decoration both inside and outside the home &# 8211; and moments like this, where we also find items for sports activities.

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As you can go on beginning to see in the pictures we have highlighted the Nautical Bauhaus catalog 2017, the range of items you are going to find is very wide. From Bauhaus as summarized in these sections:

  • Kayak
  • radars
  • paddle Surf
  • Fun
  • Security
  • engines
  • Maintenance
  • buoys
  • textiles
  • Cape
  • Lighting and pumps
  • inflatable boats

The prices listed in the brochure are approximate and will be valid until September 30, 2017 or while stocks last.

Nautical Bauhaus catalog 2017: Ships

Among the boats are going to find a variety of models, prices and different types of boats: inflatable boats, kayaks, canoes.

In addition, you will also find accessories to enjoy a cruise on one of these boats and the various items required for maintenance.

You can also find other articles for fewer crossings but without forgetting the fun.

Bauhaus 2017 nautical catalog: Household goods

To sail the high seas, spend the day on the beach or do some activity in the water it will be necessary to have refrigerators and household items adapted to these circumstances, ie it tougher.

Nautical Bauhaus catalog 2017: Security

The security It is one of the most important areas to consider for any kind of activity but, even more if we refer to water activities for which you have to go perfectly prepared for any eventuality.

In this catalog you going to be able to find lifevest, fire extinguishers, horns, reset kits, and so on.

Nautical Bauhaus catalog 2017: Textiles

The textiles will be one of the key parts of this catalog Bauhaus, where a clear reminder that clothing plays a critical role and will be a perfect protection from direct sunlight at sea is done.

Therefore important to have a comfortable clothes and is technically useful for different cruises that will be performed.