More than 20 ideas for children’s bedrooms 2017

Current children's bedrooms feature a number of design options that allow us to find styles or ideas for everyone, whether boys or girls or mixed dorms. We always go for the best proposal for all kinds of decoration so that we offer below More than 20 ideas for children's bedrooms 2017.

More than 20 ideas for children's bedrooms 2017

How can we choose the best ideas for decorating the children's bedroom? For outside toys, we must always take into account the space, as I use it and What are the best designs and colors so that children feel more comfortable and have space.

Current trends in children's bedrooms, pass bet neutral tones, along with a furniture design that is modern, and above all opted for the modules.

We know that this type of furniture is imposed between children's bedrooms 2017, but We can also find other ideas of what we speak below.

modern children's rooms

Decorating children's rooms has been renovated a lot in recent years, and thus, we can see how committed a style that is truly modern.

This not only find beds or cupboards modern design, but also We curtains, blinds and lamps add to that currency.

On the other hand, I mentioned furniture modules and the truth is that they are perhaps the best option when we seek to save space in our bedroom.

We thus with furniture have as accurate colors like blue and white, and combined form everything necessary so that our children's room not miss anything.

Vintage style children's rooms

We have seen the commitment to these children's bedrooms that are modern, but What do you think bet the bedrooms are vintage style ?.

This type of bedrooms are perhaps not so common for a kids room but that does not mean they are not an option; and when you look at that can be as good as we see above.

Normally it is girls who will be most seduced by the idea of ​​having a bedroom &8220; vintage&# 8221 ;, but the truth is that your furniture is also perfect for children's bedrooms, so quand if you like and do not doubt apostad for them.

In addition, neutral tones and commitment to painted paper, They make them without doubt, a type of compelling bedroom.

children's rooms with bunk beds

Bunk beds are perhaps the best ideas or options when it comes to choosing the best type of child's bedroom.

These allow us to really save space and are perfect for rooms where there are two or more children. Also you can find those that have a very modern design.

Furthermore we also find that also have bunk modules, as seen in the above proposal, a combination of white and pistachio is ideal.

Colors for children's bedrooms 2017

And speaking of colors, we also have to talk about the importance that also has the choice of color, and we'll get certain styles and above all,

Colors for children's bedrooms: Color Blue

Blue is one of the best colors for decorating children's bedrooms as (regardless of whether it is for a boy or a girl), and thus can decantaros by a blue tone like this.

A soft blue, combining very well with white (Beds) and also You can be combined with other colors such as orange.

Colors for children's bedrooms: Orange

Orange is precisely another trend colors for decorating bedrooms in this 2017. In this way, you can choose a wall in a soft orange, leaving the rest in a neutral color like white or beige.

Colors for children's bedrooms: Verde

Green is another tone for this 2017, in fact it is an essential for decorating bedrooms colors also children.

So, you can choose not only green walls, but we also have the option of choosing furniture of this color, combining perfectly with other fashion shades like lilac, white or orange.

Colors for children's bedrooms: lila

On the other hand, the lilac is a type of color that many parents are choosing when they have to choose a color for the bedroom of her children, and the truth is that it is a color that It provides plenty of light and plenty of light.

As well as other options that you have shown, you can combine perfectly with other shades like white or blue and pink or beige.

Photogallery 2017 children's bedroom ideas

Now we have offered some ideas for children's bedrooms 2017 I sure have loved. The rest I leave them below in this photo gallery.

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