More than 50 photos Bedroom ideas for baby and children from 0 to 5 years

Dormitories baby or young children tend to be the most special to decorate because it implies that we receive a new member to the family or we have to decorate the space where a child goes to rest and play. To inspire you and that you can find the perfect decoration, we now recommend more than 50 photos Bedroom ideas for baby and children 0 to 5 years.

More than 50 photos Bedroom ideas for baby and children from 0 to 5 years

What we have to follow guidelines for decorating a baby's bedroom? Well, actually we must always follow our instinct and taste, but we can also add other factors.

Thus, we think that natural light is always important in decor, but it will be especially in those bedrooms that are for babies and toddlers.

It is important so let's see what kind of colors for the walls, or how we can place furniture, or crib or bed, to take advantage the maximum hours of daylight a day.

On the other hand, some colors will make our child's bedroom look more spacious, while another will bring charm it also requires these rooms.

So you can find the best ideas and inspiration, I now show you some pictures They are divided between those for bedroom babies and those who are for children up to five years.

Photos bedrooms Baby

Baby bedroom with a metal cot

Dormitories for babies are those that have to do with the fact of having some elements that are essential such as cribs.

In this way we can focus mainly on the choice of a particular crib from this choose the rest of the decor.

The truth is that the market can see many different models of cribs, but one of the most currently carry are aluminum.

These also will be stuck them elements that are modern, yet they are classic or a somewhat eclectic decor as we see below.

Baby bedroom with a crib color

On the other hand, we need to talk about how the color of the crib, and although most are going to find on the market, will cribs in neutral colors like white or color of the wood.

However, we can see models that are committed to innovation, and so, I We propose a crib that is of a dark color like navy.

Baby Bedroom in blue tones

He Blue is in fact one of the essential colors when it comes to choosing colors for the bedroom of a baby.

The truth is that it has always said that blue is the color of children, while pink would be girls, but times change (thankfully), and we can find it for all kinds of bedroom babies.

Baby sleeping green

We also want to show you a choice of sleeping baby in green tones as these are decorating trend for 2017.

Green also goes well with other colors like white or light blue. You can check it with this other image in the bedroom (or furniture), plus fill patterns.

Baby Bedroom in gray

We can even opt for another color fashion although maybe you think it is not suitable for sleeping babies.

For example gray, it is one of those colors. In this other image we can see a good idea of ​​how to choose the tone for our baby's bedroom.

With a gray wall, and that laminate flooring that undoubtedly is any agreement.

Pictures of children's bedrooms

We have seen some great ideas dormitory babies, but we want to show others that will be suitable for when children have grown up a bit and up to five years.

Children's bedroom with slide

One of the first images we want you to see about those bedrooms for children up to five years is this in which the main thing is a slide.

Children especially those between 3 and 5 years, will love a bed like this, and certainly They are not going to stop playing on it, up and down.

Blue child's bedroom walls

As for colors, again we can mention the use of blue, either boy or girl, and with decor is modern and original as we see above.

Children's bedroom single bed

As for furniture, you can see many examples in these images although we recommend especially the commitment to furniture that are simpler, like this beautiful wooden bed.

Football child's bedroom

And we do not mention those that are themed beds, and among the many options we can offer models like this that is inspired by the world of football.

Princess children's bedroom

And for girls (and boys), we can choose an option sleeping like this, with a clear inspiration in the world of princesses.

In fact, the white and pink, are the best color options we can choose for the tones of the walls and furniture bedrooms children between 0 and 5 years.

More photos Bedroom ideas for baby and children from 0 to 5 years

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