More than 30 photos of vintage dining

Vintage dining rooms are trend now. In fact the decor is trendy vintage whole house, so if you like to make a &# 8220; journey into the past&8221; with the furniture you have in the dining room below we show more than 30 photos of vintage dining.

More than 30 photos of vintage dining

Vintage is a decorative style that has come into vogue in recent months, although it &# 8220; easy&8221; place a sofa or a bathtub past that is old, if the room we need to focus on choose tables and chairs are like that.

Thus, we will find tables are old with matching chairs, but that can be seamlessly integrated into a dining room that has more modern, or are more current colors elements.

In fact we can even choose such a vintage table, in combination with modern chairs, aí we will see below about the best proposals, these photos of vintage dining rooms that undoubtedly you will love.

classic vintage dining

First we want you to see vintage dining rooms that have a strong classical style. Thus, we will be able to have furniture that is old, but Ademost are integrated into a space that really seems out of another era.

The truth is that having original vintage furniture that is a major expense so if we budget for it will be a good idea to opt for the style in full.

Also among the vintage and classic dining rooms we can find other styles also are fashionable as is the case rustic style.

So we can have a room that will have a special charm and actually be unique. Dining rooms in which elements like wood will be essential, next to muted tones something and at the same time neutral.

If you are looking for is to bring a truly classic vintage style to your room, you can also add other elements outside tables and chairs will be the lamps and carpets.

In the photo above, we can see an elegant dining not lack anything in what respect the style &8220; vintage&8221 ;, ooscuro also adding the color on the walls and even curtains.

Dining tables vintage style

Among the vintage dining, we focus on the tables as it will be perhaps the prominent and although I mentioned that wood is an essential material, We also have to mention the marble. 

In this way we will make our vintage dining room have a really spectacular style, which correspond chairs are developed and as upholstered.

On the other hand, we also show you vintage dining rooms with a wood table, and the truth is that they can find different options, all of an old style, but very varied.

So, if we have a room that is large we can put a table as spectacular as we have up in a dark successful with spectacular matching chairs.

On the other hand, I mentioned that vintage can be integrated with other styles such as rustic, and obviously a wooden table will be the best choice of alls.

so we found a table that has many details like the picture above, with the success of that touch of natural wood on the other hand, it is also trend.

Indeed vintage will also have a table that we have arranged recycling or for use in the dining room. With an antique table can make our room look even modern, trendy painted in shades like white.

vintage dining with trendy colors

As for colors, white is in fact one of the best for vintage style dining, as it provides light and in fact, allow us to get our room look too modern.

This is one of the tones also will unify the different styles. So, we can have dining room furniture that are &8220; vintage&8221; alongside more modern, but the stay will be unified through the use of white.

Also the use of neutral tones is trend for current interior decoration, including of course, the dining rooms that are vintage style.

Thus, we can opt for colors like beige pinkish, combining with other like white. This selection of colors for a vintage dining room will also provide a very romantic look, and unparalleled style.

If what you seek are more sober tones, we can opt for colors like gray, which incidentally are very fashionable too.

Thus itself no matter what the style of your dining room. The Choosing a gray that is clear as we see in the above image will always be a success, even with vintage furniture.

In this another picture we see again the choice of gray and how well you can stay for the color of the walls in the dining room. Thus, we can opt for that color by the use of white curtains also will be a success.

On the other hand, we have the choice to combine colors that are also fashionable and surprisingly we are going to look great with our vintage dining room.

And see the mix between red and green on the walls, you can stay really well for this style dining room, which also does not lack a laminate floor and even a classic rug with matching lamp.

Photo gallery

Having seen some ideas, through, images of the best for our vintage-style dining, we can see below the rest of the photos in this gallery that undoubtedly will prove inspiring:

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