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Here you will find the best Photos with the Ideas for one Original Christmas decorations, for both home as for office. All our decorations will bring to your house the typical charm Christmas, Joy and happiness.

We have not wanted to leave anything. We are going to teach Christmas decoration from the door, through the windows, for him bedroom and ending the exterior of your house ranging from the wreaths, centerpieces, wreaths, candles and lights, &# 8230; Also, for those who want to give a Christmas touch to your workplace, we have added a section with best ideas for decorating with Christmas office. We started!

Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration 2017

Before you begin to see the decorative proposals for Christmas, with photos and even giving ideas for the rooms we have to say that the best thing is to start reviewing what we have last year for our Christmas decoration and so avoid spending money. But ultimately we never just decorate the house, knowing what we have last year helps us to better organize the decor. With some of the things we have and adding some others we can change. Or with the same things without spending hardly anything to create a different Christmas decoration. Use your imagination see how you will be surprised.

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Christmas decoration for home


Let's start with the Christmas decoration for home taking into account the different parts of our house. Anyone who knows you discuss decorating is very important lighting, colors and elements that you utilicéis.


So in the next gallery you will find different types of home decoration based on different styles, tastes, colors and other factors that influence home decoration.

Christmas decoration Door

In the first thing we think about when we decorate a house it is in the door because before entering our home first thing they see is the entrance and the door. They are classic crowns but in this section we will look at the latest trends in Christmas decoration doors.


We can find many types of crowns, with different shapes, colors and sizes. Each door has a color and accordingly it is normal to choose a color that feels good, to create a harmony. But there are also other most original and imaginative decor.


We refer to use your imagination to decorate the door, for example placing a very large red ribbons as if it were a gift, you hang them garlands as if it were a Christmas tree, paint like a chimney full of gifts&# 8230; imagination knows no bounds.


So you can find all the ideas to decorate the front door for Christmas we show this gallery full of images of different doors. Which one do you like the most?

Christmas window decoration

The windows They can also be decorated in many ways and does not have to be expensive. We can place ornaments both outside and inside of the window.


Lighting, as we said, is important so one of the elements most commonly used are the candles and also they create a charming place, welcoming. also crowns They are widely used in windows.


On the other hand it is often decorate the window frame with colored balls, garlands, hanging ornaments in different colors, crafts&# 8230;


In the next gallery you have any ideas for decorating the windows this Christmas, with wreaths, candles, crafts, colors, etc. Click on the gallery.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Do you want to animate the neighborhood, town or place where you live? The best way and we are building at Christmas is decorate the outside of our house, either the garden, windows, doors, facade&# 8230; You only need imagination and desire to celebrate Christmas.


If you are tired of Typical garlands and wreaths, you are in the right place because we bring the most original, funny and beautiful ornaments to surprise your neighbors and guests.

Christmas decoration-outer-grinch-

Many of them are easy to do, it will not cost you money. Crafts ever more like, all craft has a magic touch and what better time than at this time.


If you have liked these outdoor ornaments pinchad in the gallery to continue to see more ideas of ornaments with different styles and colors.

Vintage Christmas decoration

Do you want to decorate for Christmas the house with a vintage style? With small ornaments we can get, plus a house with a separate, cozy and original touch.


We will use everything we have at home for our decor but not just mean we have to reuse old we can get an elegant touch with minor modifications of objects.


We can decorate the tree with vintage elements, candles, angels, stars, wreaths&# 8230; without forgetting all accessory items Victorian.


To see more examples of houses decorated with vintage style you must click on the following photo gallery, full of ideas.

Christmas decoration crafts | Christmas decoration for children

The Christmas It is a time of imagination and happiness full of charm, so we suggest that the decor the ye yourselves. You only have to buy materials, what better way to spend time with your children or little kids working together, doing things together.


In this section we will show you the best Christmas decoration either crafts for you or with children. As there are many kinds of crafts and materials we are going to teach the main, the most beautiful and attractive to your house this Christmas is the prettiest. Discover all!


Christmas decoration recycling or recycled material

Christmas is also synonymous with consumption, money and expenses. For those concerned with the environment and the planet have the best solution, decorate the house with recycled materials, but very beautiful, Christmas and elegant.


Surely these days you are going to use many plastic cups because you have many guests at home, do not waste your. You can create a funny Snowman with them, look at the following image.


You like coffee and have a coffee maker? Let's reuse capsules because they are perfect for the Christmas tree because if we add the lights will be a beautiful, original and full of colors and joy tree.


So you can see more examples and ways to decorate your holiday home we leave this gallery with the best ideas for this date as Christmas.

Christmas decoration on foami or Goma Eva

It is increasingly fashionable eva rubber or faomi, This plastic material is ideal for decorating because it is easy to mold to make Crafts.


If you fancy making Christmas crafts to decorate the tree, windows, table&# 8230; the house is ultimately your material this plastic because it is easy to handle, molding, cutting, bending, painting&# 8230;


We propose decorate the house with your children, with eVA you can do many figures with the assurance that the kids in the house does not happen, no harm done.


For more figures and ornaments Christmas decoration or rubber eva foami pinchad in the next gallery, you will find the best ideas.

Christmas decoration with plastic bottles

Still more crafts to the more familiar and beautiful time of year. Now we focus on the decorating plastic bottles.

Christmas decoration-with-bottle--plastic

The Crafts plastic bottles is one of the most original for this Christmas, we decorate the Christmas tree, table, windows&# 8230;

Christmas decoration-with-bottle--plastic-crown-steps

The trick to make it right is to have all this decoration imagination and be creative. With these two things get the best Christmas decorations.

Christmas decoration-with-bottle--plastic-bells

If you have liked these images with some ideas to decorate your house with plastic bottles we recommend that pinchéis in the next gallery.

Christmas decoration with pineapple

Sure you are tired of the typical ornaments to decorate the house, so in this section we will see what we can do with pineapples.


A Dry decoration pineapples It is an idea that you have to keep in mind because it is a natural element that we can paint and mold to create spaces Christmas.


We can do everything, wreaths, Christmas trees made from pine cones, reindeer, snowmen&# 8230;


Sure you want to see more crafts to decorate your home-based pineapples. Look at the next gallery.

Christmas decoration with balloons

Here we show the best ideas for decorating the house for Christmas so with balloons. How can we do it? The following Christmas decorations with balloons of different shapes and colors will discover what you can do.


We balloon we can make all the ornaments for Christmas, from Santa Claus to angels, snowmen, Christmas trees&# 8230;


How do you want to decorate the house? The first thing you have to think about the colors and then later how and what kind of adornment want. It is very easy to make decorations with balloons, with patience and imagination you will achieve the best.


Would you have liked these decorations with balloons? If you like to see this gallery we show full of ideas.

Christmas decoration office

One of the places we least want to go is to office, because it means work, stress&# 8230; It is therefore very important to be a welcoming place, where we feel comfortable and well. A Christmas decoration It will make it a place we go to cost less.


But for decorating an office we must bear in mind that this is not a house, so we recommend a classic decor because it is a workplace.


You can put some garland, a small Christmas tree with spheres or balls to decorate candles&# 8230;


More ideas for next Christmas decorations fotogalería office.

Christmas window decoration

Each store has a style or trade as they sell different products, but a good Christmas decoration is necessary to call the public to come to buy. Therefore we are going to teach the best showcases so that you have all the ideas for decorate your shop.

Boutique display window

Depending on the size of your showcase we can play much with the decor, the key is to draw attention, that when people go down the street stops to look and wants to get to see all products.


You can paint the glass with messages, Christmas items&# 8230; or directly display the products that you sell to the public to see everything from the start.


What showcase more calls you attention? We show more windows decorated for Christmas that you choose the best for your business.

More about Christmas decoration


The Christmas decorations can be the most traditional all or if you prefer you can choose ideas that are original (Such as those that include Christmas decorations from recycled items) Or following the trends and that can go shopping catalogs like IKEA, Leroy Merlin or Zara Home, among other.

We will give you a number of useful tips for you to consider when decorating your home for Christmas. Such as that for home have a Christmas air do you have to decorate the whole house. That is, it decorates what you like and with the simplicity or quantity of Christmas items you want.


You have a myriad of options from which you can choose one, several, or all!

So can:

  • Decorate the entrance or entrance of the house with a Christmas theme ..
  • Decorate the room or living room.
  • Put some detail in the door of the rooms have the home: baby, children, yours, kitchen, living room&# 8230; In them you can put some mistletoe with occasional Christmas ball, as shown in the image.


What you'll need for a complete Christmas decoration

If you like decorate the house for Christmas but you do not have time, you have some practical and cheap ideas for a lovely Christmas decorations. If you have kids you can help, and decorate the house will be like a game for them.


Safe in your box Christmas stuff you have a lot of things that can be used and if you do not, and do not know what you need, this is primarily what essential for good Christmas decorations:

Garlands and Christmas lights

At Christmas catalog Leroy Merlin We find a series of precious elements that we can use to decorate the different parts of the room. We present a gallery of images with garlands and lights that surely will delight you. Choose your style!

Ornaments for the Christmas tree

Nor may be missing ornaments for the Christmas tree, where we can put almost anything, as there are a lot of extremely cool and imaginative tendencies that will make you feel as if anything could happen in your home for the holidays. The choice is yours, yours alone.

Christmas candles

Another decorative element that can not be missed at parties to create a warm Christmas atmosphere are candles, which are prepared for the occasion with winter and Christmas motifs and red and silver tones.

Christmas dolls

Christmas dolls They are those that provide a candid touch to your home. In addition, your children will love and want to play with them at all times. Let them use their imagination in this Christmas time! You see how happy spend the holidays in the meantime Snowman, foxes, reindeer and some other Santa Claus.

Other decorative Christmas ideas

The plaids Christmas decorate your house, in shades of reds, greens, golds, oranges. It is an easy decor and is beautiful. Decorate with red ribbons Gift, green, gold, silver, checkered. To this you add  Christmas balls you have or Christmas Dolls other years. Plaid ribbons can find them in haberdashery or stationery stores. There are fabric or paper.


With ribbons of red, green, white squares you can combine, dolls balls. Make loops of paintings and silk thread hanging balls or dolls last year. In the tree lamps. in the door handles.

Ideas for Christmas decorations are many, and although Podems start with the proposals from firms like Ikea, wearing Christmas colors and decorations that follow the latest trends, such as the choice of white or gold ornaments, tlso we can opt for a decoration that is more &# 8220; Natural&# 8221 ;.

A good idea is to make such Christmas decoration with pinecones, pine branches, beautiful leaves of trees plus some tricks. Ecological and inexpensive decoration is spectacular.

If you choose for your bedroom you can place them on any furniture with balls or toys that have Christmas, are precious. Hanging doors, lamps, or as you see in the picture below, in a vase. With pine needles and leaves of trees Yellow you have. Mix gold-painted leaves with pine leaves, and green garlands (imitation pine). If you can put the ladder over the railing, create a beautiful effect. How? Christmas lights  put them around even better.

The The pine leaves can put on the door house but also above a mirror, along with some gold leaf in the foyer golden pine cones and Christmas plant or poinsettia. Your house smelling of pine, beautiful with hardly spending anything.

In many places you can get cones that fall from the trees, if you can collect all the cones you find different sizes. Pine branches when pruned trees usually leave pine branches, if you can get some, perfect, but sell imitation pine branches at any store.


Buy a gold or silver spray, and a ventilated, putting newspaper underneath, spray painted with pine cones and leaves in gold (or silver if you prefer). You let them dry. Small pineapples will serve to put on the tree (You put some wire to attach, sell it at any hardware store) or to make a centerpiece as we have seen above.

You can also decorate your house with Christmas cards or Christmas. You can use other years or new and pass a string, the typical hemp rope you can find very cheap at any forge, to hang a wreath or making the same rope, caught by forceps. You can put Christmas cards around doors, fixing them with transparent adhesive paper too, or put it on the bar curtains as a garland. There are plenty of options.


You can choose Christmas cards to hang both a tree, so it is a Christmas style but also minimalist. Another option is to make a &8220; collage&8221; with them and hang them on the door. Everything is a little imagination and make the style in you. Make sure you get creative!

Click the gallery to see other options Christmas decoration.

Video Christmas decoration

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