Lighting small and modern bathrooms

Relax, shave, prepare makeup: Can understand the importance of good Bathroom lighting during each of these daily tasks? A good one lighting for modern bathrooms It should provide the ideal conditions for you to perform these activities effortlessly and with pleasure.

Choose a type Bathroom lighting, that that makes us feel good in our house it is critical to maintaining our practical and cozy home. Dressing, bathing, grooming: Have you ever stopped to think about how to perform these daily rituals in the most efficient and enjoyable way? Choosing a good decoration and lighting for your bathroom is an excellent start.

Lighting modern bathrooms-

You know that moment when you come home after a day full of excitement and stress at work? A nice relaxing bath can be just what you need to start to recharge the batteries. A Bathroom lighting right will help you fully enjoy the benefits of a good bath, that much deserved at the end of the day. Note that there are several types of baths and it is important to choose. A trend that is here to stay is the LED lighting for bathrooms.

The Bathroom lighting It is a fundamental point to consider because it is a space that, as a rule, has no natural light or has it in small quantities. It is important to choose the type of light we want for this traditionally dark room if we are not constantly complain of enlightenment. Also consider that the lighting for modern bathrooms It is very wide and very varied prices.

illumination for bathrooms

A good one lighting bath It will depend on the decor, wall color, size and positioning of this stay relative to other rooms in the house, among other factors. It should be noted that the lighting for small bathrooms and large bathrooms differ completely with regard to the need for lighting.

When choosing the type of ideal light source and mount lighting for the bathroom, it is also important to consider the main function room. For example, a person using the bathroom lighting to apply makeup daily lighting has a need for quite different from the case of a person who only uses the bathroom to shower bath.

Lighting-small bathrooms

In all situations, it is possible to improve lighting bath through some simple, such as the choice of lamps or accessories most appropriate measures for this stay. Installing more than one lamp, light source or luminaire is crucial for those seeking greater well-being and efficiency when using the bathroom.

 Lighting for small bathrooms

The lighting for small bathrooms really are a major obstacle for decorating project, but at the same time, which can be more striking. If the sink or counter is small, our advice is to bet on the side lamps placed strategically focusing on that area. Beside mirror you can put two or more small accessories to highlight the wall covering, especially if it has been used as materials shiny porcelain. It is elegant and is commonly part of modern designs.


In small spaces a central focal point works very well. They are metallized models, but it is necessary to match the environment. white lights for better lighting are appropriate and are better suited to small spaces. Different focal points in a small space may be an overstatement, even to be boring and tiresome vision.

Types of lamps for small bathrooms

For those who are looking for simple decorating tips and lighting bath and they do not know where to start, we list some of the main types of lamps that can be chosen:

Approach lampsThis type of lamp is recommended when the aim of lighting for the bathroom is to highlight a certain point, like a mirror, for example. Focused lamps usually placed near the mirror, but may also be recessed.


Sconces: Install lighting fixtures on the wall in the bathroom is an ideal resort atmosphere. You can use this feature to give your bathroom a romantic touch or spa look whenever necessary.

Ceiling lampsThese hanging lamps have a very modern look. They act as the main source of light for the bathroom, since its intensity helps highlight any environment.

LED lighting for bathrooms

Led lamps: The LED lamp is also a good option Bathroom lighting, since, in addition to functioning as the main source of light, use less energy. LED lights are becoming fashionable in modern furnishings, and the bathroom has not been left out of this trend. The LED light does not serve as the main lighting, but is perfect as an auxiliary light. If you want to place decorative details in closets, areas you want to highlight, etc., the LED lights bathroom They are good alternatives. Needless to mention that this type of lamp looks great in a modern and minimalist bathroom.

Lighting for modern bathrooms

The problem of the bathrooms usually is their lack of natural light, however, with artificial light can create a warm and friendly atmosphere. The lighting for modern bathrooms It must be practical, functional but also decorative. Possibilities lighting for modern bathrooms They are varied and cater to different tastes and styles.


Very fashionable are recessed lights in the ceiling and walls, perfect for minimalist bathrooms as they have a very subtle and delicate appearance but at the same time, modern and avant-garde. For those who have more budget and like to take risks, then, they are the luminous tiles. They are tile-shaped recessed boxes including a light bulb inside and connecting light creating a spectacular effect.

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