Are dangerous counters intelligent light?

Smart meters leading light a few years with us and who, it seems, will eventually be implanted in its entirety at the end of 2018, they are giving a lot to talk about several issues that users wonder. The New electricity meters They arose in response to the need for improved energy accounting and, according to those involved, to improve the service provided to the user. The novelty of these devices is the issuing consumer data from the receiver to the central, without human manipulation. This is what is known as telemanagement.

But as we said, this new system has been featured in lengthy discussions between the public health and utilities. ¿They are dangerous counters smart light? ¿They have some advantage for the consumer?


We tell you everything you need to know about intelligent light meter, then in the post: how do they work, what does it consist on, how they affect Y how they can be hacked.

How smart meters work light

Following the decision of the European Commission to establish this new technology for the measurement of electricity consumption, as a solution for collect more accurate data, many experts have explained their operation intended to alert in some cases, or to reassure other cases, to final consumers and, in general, to society.

These counters operate as receiving and sending data, making companies engaged in energy consumption can have a more accurate control over user habits and a substantial savings in staff costs, because this process completely eliminates the manipulation of the worker. The controller collects data consumption by the minute and then sent to the central register where to issue an invoice.


Some of the advantages stipulated derived from these facilities, improving the information the user has on their consumption and expenditure was. But this has not been reached due to meet the standard set forth by the Government of Spain to avoid souped-up smart meters: the devices were placed outside the home straight, to prevent tampering. Likewise, the benefits about saving on electricity bill, for a better understanding of the daylight hours with lower consumption, have also been overthrown since it has dispensed with the time restrictions and it is not possible to control energy consumption.

Intelligent Light counters: health problems

As we told before, intelligent light counters are giving much to talk about, especially the apparent health problems they can cause. This is because the system PCL (Power Line Communications) working through the mains frequencies exceeding 50 hertz, making the usual network, a high-speed network.

As for installation, we can talk about two ways to count these drivers in our home. On the one hand, we can have a device that sent directly installed information to the central or, on the other hand, we can have a meter that sends data to what we call a concentrator, which collects information from several homes and sent to the central power company.


For this grid circulating system known as Wimax, comprising microwave 2.3 and 3.5 gigahertz to store all data on our consumption and then get them to the company. By representing everyday electromagnetic radiation in our home.

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) Produced a report explaining exposure carcinogenic radiation type 2B via wireless connections such as those emitted by mobile, cny device with Wi-Fi and even radars. For this reason, it is no wonder that smart meters subject to light each housing tenants the same danger. In fact, the story is not new, it has already begun in the United States rather than in Spain, where many states rose against this electric implementation, using local ordinances for disposal.

Smart meters light: Can be Hacked?

Apart from the problems we have mentioned, which can cause these devices to health, we also encounter other dangers and insecurities, because of its installation. For example, security experts explain the risk that contenadores smart light can assume as to cyberthreats. Because the issue of consumption data in light of our home, these devices can also record data from other appliances in our home that can serve, for example a thief to know if there is someone at home or not, because that many companies have not encrypted communication protocols.


The problem of insecurity regarding these drivers increases when other people manipulate the device. For example, we can find workers from the electricity companies that, for a small fee of 800 euros, can trucar our counter for us to save the electricity bill. The problem with this is that, besides being illegal, can cause failures in the system and have the amazing network drops and increases in electricity bills, as consequences.

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