original kitchens

original kitchen, a kitchen that looks like Frodo's house in the film The Lord of the Rings. Kitchen design that give something scary, futuristic kitchens. Today we want to surprise you with some of the most original kitchens that are in the world and I am sure you will be surprised and even would want to have them at home. Even we see the odd mirror that we can imitate what do you think? These are the most original kitchens.


original kitchens

He kitchen design is quite enough, and both think when you see these kitchens. Some are spectacular, others seem anything but a kitchen but they are nothing to do with traditional stoves or what we have at home. Some inspired by the cinema or styles of the past. We show them now and tell us which one you like best.

Original stone kitchen

Original-kitchen-in-stone kitchens

In the photo above you can see a kitchen that looks like Frodo's plan story in Lord of the Rings or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is a cuisine that is located in a house made of stone to full and can also remind those seen in the series of drawings of the Flintstones.

This built directly on the stone, no kitchen cabinets, but shelves and holes dug into the rock. What it makes countertop has a mild form of curves. On the wall, escurreplatos wood and other wood lejas. Three windows let in light. On rustic wooden ceiling beams.

dark original cuisine


In this other image we have a kitchen of minimalist design that seems to Munsters Isola is a design by Toyo. The spectacular kitchen is anchored to the wall without leaning on the ground, thus it has an effect of floating in the air. Cabinets made with glass mosaics and different prints Venetian style. I do not think that is very functional and appropriate for us to cook it every day but nobody can deny that is original.

It is also a kitchen that stands out for its eclecticism, mixing modern and classic like painting with gold frame on the anthracite gray wall. Ceiling lamp straight out of film Tim Burton.

Ecological original cuisine


In this other image we show a very original cuisine and complete ecological. A kitchen that although you may not believe is made of recycled wood. To make this kitchen has been used from lumber, old wood, waste materials. On a stucco coating spearmint, a floor also made of wood, look furniture. They have different wood grains in different colors. It seems even that is drawn but is such that you see from the treatment for it a kitchen, although recycled, tough.

Original futuristic kitchen


 In the photo above the kitchen of the future or at least have imagined in the design studio Ora Ito. It is integrated in that kind of cubicle kitchen rounded forms in which dominates white but in which we also Color black appliances as the oven, stovetop or refrigerator on ground white walls and ceiling. It is ideal for those unacocina films set in the future and who knows if in 20 0 30 years could well be sold kitchens Are you the would buy ?.

Original-futuristic kitchen

Here we show another model of the original kitchen with a futuristic design. It has table or counter made of wood, stools juice and oven inlaid in wooden crate. All with those angles so marked and certainly surprising.

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Gothic original cuisine


If you are more classic styles and even times that you really refer to the past, maybe you love it this kitchen you see above and is designed from inspiration in the Gothic style, the base units are darker colored straight out of any monastery or Gothic chapel.

On the kitchen cabinets have placed Gothic arches characteristic. The upper cabinets are designed in the same style but lighter wood. The refrigerator and microwave in dark color. A real gem of kitchen imagine it will face, natural wood furniture peroque not go unnoticed.

Original minimalist kitchen

kitchens-original-kitchen - Minimalist

We know that the minimalist style is currently trend for interior decoration including the kitchen, but I'm sure you've never seen before a kitchen like the image above. This is a colorful and a kitchen done in high gloss material minimalist design. green, terracotta and beige forming geometric structures. Is the kitchen suite Lago 36e8. A composition seems anything but a kitchen and not how far I can become truly functional.

original cuisine round

kitchen original.redonda

Then there are the kitchens that just take up space and are designed to place them and take them anywhere. It is the case of the model you see above, the Circular kitchen Atmos Studio has had some impact as it is really a model of the original kitchen but also very functional.

It is said that this kitchen has everything you need to prepare food and all kinds of dishes in a few minutes without having to move. It is a cuisine designed not only for home but also serves to place in companies or in places where great importance is the fact of eating freshly cooked food. Sure of having a kitchen like that in your company, lunchtime would be much more pleasant.

Original kitchen with aquarium


Finally the kitchen most of all causes. A model that was made in limited edition and had the particularity of incorporating a countertop or table where we have a fish aquarium considerable size. Who can buy this type of cuisine ?.

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