20 amazing ideas barbecues work

Summer's coming and with it, the days are getting longer and longer and more pleasant evenings. For this reason, in the summer evenings often meet friends with a good barbecue. And why we chose barbeques to make food? Well, for several reasons: first, because it gives you a smoky flavor the food that makes known spectacular and, on the other hand, for his versatility because we can cook a variety of dishes with this simple product, from the typical T-bone steak, to burgers, sausages, black pudding and even vegetables. In this article we are going to give 20 amazing ideas barbecues work, among which you can find models work Brico Dépôt barbecues, barbeques and barbeques work Leroy Merlin modern work. Take note!

20 amazing ideas barbecues work

Yes, you read it well, do not we will give not one, not ten ideas, but today we will give you 20 amazing ideas barbecues work so you can choose the best that suits the conditions of your garden space and on style.

The first model that we will present is very typical of American films. It's about the gas barbecue grill, where propane is used as fuel. It is very easy to use and also allows us to design option with a lid or without lid. We can find large or portable models shaped case. The latter are ideal for camping.

amazing ideas barbecue barbecues work with gas grill

The cheapest model is the Round barbecue coal for a small group of friends. It is very easy to use and store, as the legs are folded. Not a big barbecue, but very functional.

BBQs incredible ideas work round charcoal barbecue

Now let's see ideas BBQs most original work. For example, as the image, which has made a clear space in which bricks or wood or charcoal grill and voila, a simple barbecue and quite original is added.

most original ideas incredible BBQs BBQs construction work

On the other hand, we can design a space specifically for meetings with family or friends, ie incorporating barbecue on the terrace, with an elegant wooden dining, sheltered by a roof, much like the image.

amazing ideas barbecue barbecues on the terrace work

Another amazing idea barbecues work is the design of a barbecue round brickwork that also the bell which goes smoke is metallic.

amazing ideas barbecue barbecues work round brickwork

We continue with 20 amazing ideas barbecues in the following work in the following sections where are classified by specialist establishment and by modernist design. Do not miss it!

Barbeques work Brico Dépôt

In the catalog of barbecues Brico Dépôt work brings many new features for this summer. And Home Space, you count them all.

If your style is more traditional, you can choose designs barbecues brickwork. In this type of barbecue, it is used as fuel wood or coal (or even a mixture of both). This style of barbecuing is more characteristic of Spain.

Brico Dépôt work barbeques brick barbecue

However, if you like the shape of barbecues Spain typical work, but with a different style, you can opt for a stone barbecue. The design is sleeker and also the operation is identical to brick: coal or firewood.

Brico Dépôt work barbeques barbecue stone

The cheapest option of this style barbecue is the barbecue pieces. It certainly is easier than the other rides and that's what makes it more economical.

Barbeques barbecue Brico Dépôt work pieces

If you are looking for a simpler model, you can also find a cover grill with wood or coal which also it has a reserved space to place all foods that go by on the grill.

Brico Dépôt work barbeques barbecue with wood or charcoal cover

Leroy Merlin barbeques work

BBQs catalog Leroy Merlin work has different models to the Brico Dépôt, as the image, which shows a Full barbecue grill. Not only that, but you can also add other furniture that certainly missing when you do a barbecue, as a space for cutting food and even a tap.

BBQs merlin work full barbecue leroy grill

We can also find the model barbecue lid of any fuel (Either propane or wood or coal). A versatile fuel dependent model you please use.

Merlin work barbeques barbecue with lid leroy any fuel

Some people consider essential for a barbecue space and, therefore, tend to look larger designs where preparing a good barbecue in the company. Therefore, they appear the barbecues type booth, in which you can place a grill that covers the entire available space, or a space to let the food go prepared. Depending on the visits you go to receive, depend largely on the size of the grid.

Merlin work barbeques barbecue type leroy house

But if you do not care so much space, you can purchase a barbecue special work in which you only have space on the grid. Then you see if you need more space, you can add a bank next to place food and cooking accessories, as we show in the picture.

BBQs special leroy merlin work with bank

BBQs modern work

What we will present below are barbecues modern work, to celebrate big events to enjoy with family or friends.

The increase in the number of companies engaged in manufacturing BBQs work gives us the opportunity to design barbecues custom work, as we show in the picture, which is designed barbecue carved in wood.

BBQs BBQs modern artwork custom work

We also found very large spaces where barbecue built into the front of the house. It can be as photography, elegant design that is coated stone brick background.

BBQs modern work integrated into the facade

Another modern design can be type wooden terrace with a stone countertop and on one side of the barbecue. A very elegant design, as you can see in the picture, and reserved for those who disponéis much space.

BBQs elegant modern design artwork

If you like the simplest designs, you can opt for a stone barbecue style brick and then a porch where you can enjoy a pleasant meal.

BBQs modern work style brick stone barbecue

Another model that has become well known, is the barbecue chimney type, in which at first glance we do not imagine what it is, but if we approach, we can see the hidden wonders.

BBQs modern fireplace type work

Retaking the idea barbecues house type has emerged a new model that tends to be vintage. It is a wider and a place to store the log space to light a fire.

And the last idea, can you imagine such a large barbecue as an aquarium? Well now you can. If you have a shaded space (with an elegant tent), you can place a elongated stone barbecue in which the smoke out into the street so that you do not bother. In addition, if the decor goes, the space will be ideal for such meetings.

BBQs modern work long stone barbecue

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