trestle table

Trestle table&# 160; good ideas for decorating with a pair of sawhorses and a board you can have a modern and economical table.

Trestles from 4 euros, wood, aluminum, PVC. In you more of the trestle table.

trestle table

Trestle tables

  • easel is a piece of furniture that serves to support something about it.&# 160; From the time of the Egyptians trestles used as basis for tables, altars or bench seat. Trestles are typical painter, where the top of the artist places the canvas.

  • In the Middle Ages trestle table It was very common, a loose table was set for two sawhorses. It was a simple and inexpensive way to have a table.

  • Centuries have passed but today easels table They remain a cheap practice to have a table option.&# 160;

trestle table

  • You want a marble table, glass, wood? Choose the material you like to be "the envelope" of the table, form if&# 160; You want the table is round, oval, square, rectangular.&# 160; Question where the board buy the approximate weight of the board.

  • There are easels supporting 80 kilograms to 600 kilograms, be sure your board&# 160; lighter.&# 160; choose&# 160; the easels table you prefer given their resistance. Suma what cost you both and you'll save a lot of money.

trestle table

All Styles

The easels They allow you to combine materials and design the table that you like.

  • Sometimes you like a material but finding a table that fits is not easy, or do not add up measures or leaving budget. For example&# 160; Looking for a table Corian®,a very tough and beautiful material used in counter tops and counters but whether or not you find or if you find it does not fit what you're looking for.

  • With easels no problem as they adapt to suit your need.

trestle table

  • If you like the rustic, shabby chic or romantic. Natural wooden trestles or easels painted white or ivory. The can combine with a piece of marble, glass or wood.

  • If you love minimalism metal easels, black white or chrome. The "on" or board you may choose in melanin, Corian®, glass, methacrylate. Easels combines with the board and have created a table design to your liking.

trestle table

trestle table trestle table

  • Lots of variety of easels, some are adjustable, folding, or wheel slip.&# 160; In the photos above you you can see different designs. Aged white wood. Methacrylate or aluminum design minimalist style.

  • Desks, side tables, kitchen tables, Tables for lunch, greeters or tables for children. If you need&# 160; is as a table without spending much money, caballetas table can give you a lot of play.

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