Valentine decoration 2018

It is about Valentine's Day 2018 and we want to give you some decorating ideas for this special and romantic day. Ideas with which to decorate your table for romantic Valentine's dinner and to other corners of the house. Then the best decoration Valentine.

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Valentine decoration 2018

Valentine decoration

Both prepare a table for lunch or dinner Valentine's Day in the living room or dining room, and bedroom or room will be the rooms of the house to which we devote a special decoration on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

Decorative proposals for Valentine

Decorative Valentine's proposals may have elements that always relate to the romantic and those who have candles, hearts, petals, flowers and even balloons. Valentine decoration for all styles and of course, for everyone.

Therefore we choose options you see below and incidentally, They will be combined with the many types of decoration that can be found in homes.

We started seeing how to prepare the table Valentine and continue with the rest of the rooms below.

How to prepare the table for Valentine's Day 2018

How to prepare the table for Valentine 2016

The table is perhaps one of the important places when decorating our house facing the Valentine.

Outside to decorate plates, glasses or table linen that has devoted reasons to love, you can also choose a simple tableware in white and combine it with other decorative elements on the table to invoke the day of love.

The essential flowers


Thus, it appears that flowers They are essential for a romantic. Roses are perhaps more flowers that relate to love and actually combine perfectly with other types and look great decorating our table.

We can thus choose a nice cithin table with flowers, as we see above, consisting of roses of various colors like white, red and pink, along with other flowers.

The romance of candles


What would happen if Valentine candles? It would not be the same and more when it comes to decorating our table. With them we can achieve the desired level of romance and intimacy.

If you have a large table, even with several guests of loving couples, you can choose from a large and prominent candles, but if dinner is for two and also the table is not too big can choose a few small candles as we see above.

Other ideas for Valentine table 2018


Furthermore, if it is a Valentine's dinner, you can choose to use candles as single light. Conseguiréis certainly creating a romantic environment conducive to love.

But other examples would be placing a center or a vase like you see above. With hearts, or jelly beans that are hearts. Sure your Valentine is pleasantly surprised or shocked.


Other details that may serve for Valentine's Day would be to use a crockery for example, white and he put rose petals before serving.

You also have the option, as in the photo, place the petals all over the table. Thus you will attain an exquisite level of romanticism that extend throughout the evening.

How to prepare the bedroom for Valentine 2018

How to prepare the bedroom for Valentine 2016

One of the typical ideas that are often taken for Valentine's bring breakfast in bed to your partner. typical idea itself, but always wins, so do not hesitate to do so. When preparing the breakfast, try to have a good presentation with a decorative look like a flower, so you are all well maintained.


As for the bedroom at night is always a good idea to light candles throughout the surface (Always careful not to ignite) and will offer a warm and intimate light that provides a great lighting for days like these.

In turn, also keep in mind whether or not perfumed want, whether Once you get to the smell keep in mind the tastes of your partner and not too strong.


Another typical and detail are welcome rose petals on the bed. You can accompany some detail under or over the pillow, accompanied by a full rose; small details can be the most unforgettable.

You can do such as we see in the photo, and form a small heart in the middle of the bed, and thus will not need to expend much more.

I repeat that perhaps your partner the idea of ​​seeing too decorated bed does not make you very excited, so before moving romantic, better choose something else &# 8220; small&8221; thus sure you hit.


Y If you are the original ideas, you can add the petals balloons, that seems to be increasingly imposed as decorating trend on Valentine's Day.

Just you do not need to put the whole bed full of balloons. You can fill the head and half the bed, and see how surprised your partner like never before.

The music It is not a decorative element, but as such it can become the key element so that everything is sensational. Choose soft, intimate music, jazzy, blues or something slow to invite pamper yourself.

2018 Valentines decoration for the bathroom


Bath also have the most romantic ideas that have to do with Valentine decoration 2016. What do you think fill the bathtub with petals as you see in the picture ?.

You can place a candles and for sure you'll have the room decorated and ready in minutes.


Another option that I give is that you can decorate the tub outside, so that escape being put petals into the water.

And so that everything is romantic, put more petals on a tray, accompanied by a small candle. We can put in one of the auxiliary bathroom furniture or place a small table.

We can also add a couple of glasses of wine or champagne to toast our love as we give a very romantic bath.


Besides flowers, petals and candles in the bathroom, we can also choose some simple ideas to celebrate Valentine although we have no partner.

For example purchase a heart-shaped soaps, you can use during the time Valentine and bring a different style to your bathroom.

Photogallery decoration Valentine 2018

I leave you now fotogalería decoration for Valentine's Day 2018:

Videos of decoration for Valentine's Day:

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