More than 100 photos bed headboards Originals for 2017

The best ideas for headboards Stylish simple and economical way.  Bed headboards modern, romantic, ethnic or style cottage.

The headboard is a key element in the bedroom. We do not talk exclusively to decorative level, but we found that is terribly influential, but in terms of comfort and hygiene: It is the barrier between your head and back and the wall.

Without a headboard It is dirty wall within weeks. Comfortable headboard will delight the most &8220; lions&8221; and will avoid staying out of bed until late not be a comfortable place for these holy minutes before bedtime.


We could say that the choice of headboard It is very simple, but it is not. You will seriously influence the nightstands and the quilt that you can use. In my case, the first header I bought, I had to sell it to some friends. It was beautiful, but I did not realize it was too white for the walls (also white) and instead of being hand-carved wood, producing shadows on the wall were visible. I used a panel of Maisons du Monde hanging on the wall. This one you can see, for less than 70 €.

Headboard-panelThrow him to the headboard or Prepare imagination portfolio. Both options are good, but not everyone can choose. A the same style of the headboard (even nicer) costs 599 € larger model.

To create headboards you can use a variety of fabrics and materials: fabrics, old wood, a board of Ikea&# 8230; You can also buy one designer or do it yourself and enjoy it every night.

More than 100 photos bed headboards Originals for 2017

The headboards They have renovated a lot in recent times, so we want to show you some of the best ideas and, above all, those that are more original that will help you get the look of our bedroom completely changed.

It is very important to choose a good headboard because it will be the final touch for a type or decorating style very concrete. That from the decorative standpoint but it is also important to have in mind the comfort of it if you are going to use the bed or headboard as an area to relax or read or just sleep.

Original headboards wooden bed

bed headboards-of-original-de-Wood
One of the most original bed headboards that I can recommend for this 2017, is one who has the wood as a primary element since this material has become a trend.

We have many models to choose from but the truth is that the more detailed can be a great decorative idea personally those who are very well carved usually my favorite.

bed headboards-of-original-de-wood-modern
Moreover, ye can find other wooden headboards less labor, which usually have a smooth and without any decorative texture.

It is important to have in mind the decor of the rest of the room or the style you want to get to choose the most suitable type of wood. And desmitifiquemos wood, not only is the fundamental element of rustic, it can also be perfect as modern or exotic headboard.

Original headboards leather bed

headboards bed-original-de-leather-white
Among the most original bed headboards have also those with leather as a key element.

Typical models usually have a quilted texture, may be higher a few centimeters longer than usual. You can find them in many different colors, although most often white tones, black or chocolates. Tell them that combine great in bedrooms with modern and minimalist styles.

bed headboards-of-original-headboard-leather-brown
Also the headboards in leather look great in brown. This're going to get your bedroom get a very elegant style.

Which it is padded favors one can enjoy more on the headboard, going to not be as necessary to use pads to make it a comfortable bed.

Original headboards bed gray

original headboards-of-bed-in-gray-with-wall-black
Speaking of colors, we can also mention headboards that are gray as these seem to be imposed this year by combining with all kinds of decorative styles, and best of all, it also They fit well with the other colors we can choose for our bedroom.

We can find different shades of gray, depending on the style chosen as decorative trends of the season. On the one hand, you can find headboards in shades matt but you can also choose silver tones.
original headboards-of-bed-in-gray-with-wall-neutral
You can see how well and left with a black wall, pictured above, or as in this other image is also combined with a wall light color or neutral colors.

In turn, fijándoos in this second picture you can see how you can combine with other shades of gray for furniture or cushions, achieving an effect of harmony and beauty.

Original headboards bed green

bed headboards-of-original-header-of-color-green
Green is one of the colors is always sensational in the bedrooms, one color being offered rest and harmony in the room.

You can find different shades of green, as turquoise or green pine, which is perfectly combinable with varied colors from white to black, or smooth and printed.

bed headboards-of-original-header-of-color-green-olive
In this other image we see a bed headboard in a green olive, adding exquisite elegance When combined with a wall that has a strikingly decorated paper.

Original headboards brightly colored

bed headboards-of-original-header-of-colors
And if you like the variety of colors, we have original ideas like this headboard made from different types of colorful fabrics with bold prints. With a headboard so your bed is undoubtedly the most original of all.

Not really difficult to modify and personalize it with your favorite colors, because really you can easily prepare this headboard home. In addition, if you put velcro behind each of the squares, you can go changing them to enjoy a variable and unique headboard.

Original headboards bed and high

headboards bed-original-high
Most current headboards feature a design that makes them quite low, almost barely protrude above the pillows, but the fact is that we also have original ideas with headboards that are quite high and which achieves bed look bigger.

In addition, they are great for when one likes to read in bed or spend time here enjoying some rest in a position semi tumbada.5

Original headboards bed with wardrobe function

bed headboards-of-original-headboard-and-wardrobe
For those of you with a small bedroom, you can find ideas for headboards as original as this, on the one hand It serves to place it on the head of the bed, while the other is a small closet.

Retouch by Jenny Söderström
Today, you can find economic purpose headboards that I will facilitate storage on the sides of them.

Ikea, for example, you can find it in white and is really useful because you save the need for a bedside table, can save everything by hand and using space.

Original headboards upholstered bed

bed headboards-of-original-headboard-upholstered
The classic bed headboards have always been upholstered, and therefore also want to propose to you the designs as you see above, with light padding.

Anyway, the upholstery does not have to be a classical style, you can choose the final result is an modern design like this one headboard in gray, we see in the picture above.

Original headboards bed with cushions

original headboards-bed-with-pillows
And for an authentic original idea, nothing like a headboard that has a design like this one we see in the photo above, from placement two large cushions, with special padding to hold more and providing a style of most modern.

Headboard screenfold

A different and very rigged option if you have to put the bed corner. You will hide the corner that always complicated and not lose too much space, allowing access to the bed on both sides.

Original headboard-bed-biombo

You can choose plain or with a pattern that matches the bedroom decor screens. You have screens in wrought iron, wood, Japanese panels.

headboard bed-biombo

Is a cheap, simple idea and we can also remove when you want or at the very moment in which we choose to place another decoration.

Vinyl headboard or wall mural

Just choose the mural or vinyl that you like and stick it to the wall. Easy, fast and decorative. You have plenty of models to choose from.

vinyl bed headboard

At present we can find even or vinyl murals that they mimic the shape of the headboards. They are very handy for those rooms that are small or even for people who live in a loft, because with a simple vinyl can accommodate a wall as if it were a full bedroom.

Romantic bed headboard

With a cheesecloth, tulle or visillo you can create a headboard that mimics a screened canopy. You can put a crown of leaves or flowers, a wreath with pine cones and pine needles, with ivy or just drop it after a picture you like.

headboard bed-canopy-fabric

This is a headboard romantic inspiration. This type of headboards will be ideal if you have or want one canopy but we do not have the structure or space.

Headboards work

If you are planning a renovation or are you good at working with drywall, you can integrate your headboard on the wall using drywall. You can easily place and then paint it as we see in this picture.

Headboard with curtain rod

Measure your bed and buy two or three beautiful seat cushions (which are somewhat thicker). If you want to attach them to the curtain rod with bows, you just have to sew them in the upper pad or you can also use a fabric with velcro strips.

headboards bed-cloth

Another option that can be interesting is put fabric on the curtain rod instead of pads, it all depends on your tastes and what you are most comfortable.

Headboard made with pictures

headboard made with pictures
An original and beautiful option to create a headboard It is to use photographs or pictures that you like.

headboard bed-frames

The placement will vary depending on your tastes. Some placed pictures and pictures all over the wall or whoever places the box from the bottom of the bed.

How to Make a Headboard

We know that some of the headboards that we have shown above may inspire you to create your own but in this section, we also want to show that yes headboards are homemade.

Flashy bed headboards

If you want to have a striking headboard or having some shades that highlight you can also get it in a simple way. The idea is renew an environment to make it look warmer and welcoming and we will in this case by a cudder bed set with headboard.

Take note of what you'll need:

  • A cut of fibrofácil or any softwood
  • A small, hand or power saw
  • elastic, smooth or embossed fabric
  • Staplers and staples or tacks
  • Wadding

Takes measurements of the bed, the width of the header and you want to give it high. Width can add a few centimeters more if you want the head poke out the sides so you make sure you have some left over space and bed not look like he was nailed to the headboard.

Then cut the wood. It can be rectangular, triangular, with wavy shapes, as you can think of. If you think you can not do it alone, go to a carpenter or if you buy in a specialty store (type Leroy Merlin) asks there you cut it from the measures you have taken, so you save having to cut or concern to find one who does. Once you have the head to the desired shape, it will only place the fabric.

You must cut the fabric in the same way that the headboard, but leaving at least ten extra centimeters all around (then the excess you can place behind the headboard).

With the stapler, joins the fabric to the wooden back, but leaves a portion unattached to fill the head with wadding, this is how padding and to be more and more body.

Once you've filled in the head, closes the last leg&# 8230; And ready! You will see that very colorful headboard and It will perfectly suit the decor any bedroom as you can choose the fabric according to the colors of the walls or furniture. Even once you are pilles the &# 8220; trick&8221; how to make this type of headboards sure that you dare to remove the cloth placed and replace it with another. You can have different headboards whenever you feel like.


Original bed headboard door

Reusing the materials you have at home is an original and convenient way to create your own headboard shape. This time, in the video are going to see how to create a headboard with a cabinet door or a conventional door:

If you have an old door just sand it and give it a wax finish so that it becomes the perfect headboard.

In case you want to have a different color, you can sand it and apply a color or varnish for optimal results.


How do children's bed headboard

how-to-one-of-bed headboard-child-header-to-tube-of-foam
Current trends in beds for youth or children make many of the models that are in the market are sold as a single module in which usually included the closet or desktop (or both) table but we can also make a headboard that is beautiful and original as you see above.

This could not have used those foam tubes also called &8220; hotcakes&8221;used for the floating children when they are learning to swim. The idea is to cut a few and place them so that you can leave glued to the wall, or a previous wooden headboard (with a little hot glue will be good), and thus avoid further that children get hurt in the head while they sleep.

How-Do-un-headboard-de-bed child-headboard-with-bates-de-beisbol
For little kids who are Sports lovers, we have this other option, which is to put some bats, up and down, as you see in the picture above.

It is very original although I must say you have to buy several baseball bats wood and these are not cheap (each can cost you between 20 and 30 euros).

How-Do-a-headboard-de-bed child-headboard-painted-wall-minnie-mouse
When we have no budget to make our headboard wall, nothing better than to dip into the paint. The bed is against the wall so that we can use to paint something that appeals to children as you see above with the great drawing Minnie Mouse.

It is especially well because the colors of the drawing, the wall and bed linen blend seamlessly so that depending on the design you choose must choose the rest.

Headboard with books

Headboard books
For the lover of culture, books can also become a great header. Book lovers can also customize the headboard of his bed, while leveraging getting some extra space to store your precious texts.

In this case, you can get a fun and original headboard bed by simply creating towers books of different heights. In this way, your favorite books always keep your dreams. In addition, you can also put on the wall a whole panel of open books by your favorite leaves for inspiration you follow the world of dreams. A great idea for culture lovers!

Bed headboard puzzle


Complete puzzles are also excellent choices. Puzzles completed by ourselves not only produce beautiful, interesting or related to our particular interests images, but also can even be considered a real success, especially if you have thousands of pieces.

So, why should you let this big puzzle that you worked hard you complete saved only gathers dust in a closet? Do not let that happen! Converts a puzzle in an original, lovely and inspiring headboard. You only have to put it on a sturdy cardboard and protect it with a crystal so that the pieces are not moved before hanging it on the wall of your room.

Headboards with mirrors

bed-mirror headboard

Another type of headboard you can create an easy and cheap way is the one starring a mirror. This type of headboards can be great for small rooms, it increases the feeling of spaciousness and reflects light, making the room look bigger than it actually is.

Bed headboard mirror

Thus, You will create a pleasant atmosphere to get your headboard reflects sunlight by day and a quiet night image. It is also a perfect choice for those looking for original decorative possibilities but are not too far from the more traditional ideas, since virtually no one has a mirror as a headboard of his bed.

Headboard with photographs

headboard bed-photos

Turn your favorite photos into real guardians of your dreams. Another very original option that can turn is to create a headboard with your favorite photographs. There are many possibilities, from individual frames hang on different pictures creating contrasts of colors, sizes and designs to build a uniform full of images of your most cherished moments panel.

In any case, the pictures can give you a lot of different possibilities that will make your room has the best headboard you can imagine. Guaranteed!

Headboard slate

headboard bed-slate

Get up with a smile with a slate headboard. One of my favorite options is that features a blackboard very similar to that used to preside over our classes when we went to school.

With a slate headboard cut to perfectly fit our comfortable bed and a small tray may leave a different colored chalks and an eraser, you can have a different decor every day.

This type of headboards gives you an infinite number of possibilities. For example, you can write inspirational phrases yourself so you can read them when you wake up, you can create drawings and elaborate images or you can even play with your partner or your children before you go to sleep with a smile. If you're really looking for a headboard original, fun and interactive bed, here you have it!

Video How to Make a Headboard

Do you have more ideas to make headboards beautiful and economize? If you want you can leave us your comment. Thanks for reading

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