Halloween decoration | wreaths

Comes one of the most fun festivals throughout the year. It is Halloweenque party will be among us for 31 October. So we must prepare ourselves for fear, terror and fun games are the highlight of this celebration and although we saw the best ideas in decorating Halloween we want to expand this information with something simple, fun and we can do with the children. Espaciohogar we show as the Halloween decorating with garlands.

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Halloween decoration | wreaths


If you like to decorate your home when Halloween comes, perhaps it is a good idea to bet to make ourselves decoration for a celebration that although very American and has spread worldwide. Wreaths Halloween, like Christmas, can be varied so that in Espaciohogar we want to show some models they are simple and can be done perfectly at home. In addition to all you can count on the help of the little ones.


Think of the main reasons for Halloween and it certainly will soon come to get inspiration to cut cardboard, colored paper or rubber eva so you can create beautiful garlands as you see in these pictures and you can even use different colors.


The skulls, pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, etc.&# 8230; all this serves to inspire us when making a Halloween decoration that is original and the terrifying time, and if you want to be yourself or yourself which is responsible for developing all kinds of elements that give fear and &8220; wear&8221; your house, from here we advise you to bet on the wreaths because in its preparation You need materials that can easily get and also you can make the smallest of the house.

Wreaths Halloween | Wreaths cardboard


One of the best garlands you can do for this Halloween is the cardboard. It's a cheap, easy material handling and has many possibilities.

For example you can make a nice ACOMO wreaths pumpkins that we explain now. They are so easy to make that even children can do them with you.


The idea is do something similar to what you see in the picture. To make this kind of wreath you will need the following materials.

  • A rope or wire
  • Two pumpkin tones cardboards
  • Scissors
  • Marker pen

You must go cutting the cards in the shape of a pumpkin, You can inspire you in which you see in the picture because they are not to be very large.

Once you've done several beams a pair of holes each, and alternate so that they are of different color. Or wire rope passes as you see in the picture, a pumpkin in front and one behind, and finally let the &8220; sin&8221; they draw little faces (A council that does not paint all pumpkins, you can tell them to make a &8220; yes&8221; and one &# 8220; no&# 8221;).


So much easier these other Halloween garlands also made cards. All you have to do is cut round pieces of cardboard and let your kids paint faces. You must also take pieces of green construction paper, fold it a little and stick it on top each pumpkin, leaving a small space yes or hollow so that then we can move between figure and figure a small string, rope or tape with which to hang our wreath. The truth is that it can not be easier and therefore your children will spend an afternoon most distracted.

Wreaths Halloween | Figures


On the other hand Now we help to make spectacular wreaths and very easy to perform. just we need some materials that had to comment to continuación.A take note! because you're sure to result in a decorative wreaths shaped skull.

First we have molds of figures listed for this party. We have chosen some skulls as way of explanation us is much easier but can make a good template for any other figure. Just draw it as a template, then cut and ready figure that will serve to draw it anywhere you want. In our case, a card.

To make these wreaths will need:

  • black cardstock
  • a printer
  • pencil
  • coarse thread
  • needle.

They are all elements are very easy to get and can start in an instant. We catch molding or plantilal we have drawn (or if you have searched online should print it). Once you have your template, the rubbings to cardboards. We make several of each model and joined with needle and thread.

This way you'll have a wonderful you guirnaladas with little economic cost and will serve to hang the door, walls or windows. You choose the extension you want. Another option is to take a little eva rubber or foami that will make you stay equally decorative with a card yet, much tougher and bulky. decoration-halloween-garlands-2015-garland-figures-foamiIn this other picture you can see what I say about eva rubber. We can cut different shapes from a template as it is an easy material to cut and then link them all with a little rope. As well as in the photo, we can combine orange pumpkins and bats in black making a garland Halloween simple and at the same time, very showy.

Wreaths Halloween | Felt


Finally we told you about another perfect material to make your Halloween garlands. This you see above is a picture of various figures that have been sewn for a Halloween wreath from the use of felt. An idea that I find ingenious yet very simple made with a material that is also easy to handle as it happened to the others.

Below you have another Magen with small elements like the clothes of a witch and the best thing is that fastens with small pliers Does not it original? Let us see how to do something.


To achieve this decoration you will need the following materials.

  • Colored felt
  • Tweezers &8220; mini&8221;
  • Rope
  • Thread
  • small buttons.

To get a wreath as models here we just have to go cutting the felt with shapes that you like and they have to do with Halloween. It may be the shape of a witch clothes as you see in the picture, but you can also cut shaped like pumpkins or skulls. If you know sewing machine and use it as you do in the first image and sew different threads (as a pespunte) to make it look more decorative and with a more original finish.

Depending on how you give that you can put more or less details such as buttons or cords that you see in the photo garland and It will hanging rope or wire with pliers.

Finally we leave these other ideas Halloween garlands through a video: